Wytch's Brew

Cerridwen by Jessica Galbreth

Sorry I left you guys hanging for so long. I've had some bad health issues to deal with and after discussing it with my husband we decided I need to close the site *officially*
It got so that it was more of a chore than fun and that's never good. Anyway, we do still occasionally make stuff. If you want it, you will need to join our Yahoo! group , which is called sims_and_stuff , and you are going to have to help us breathe a little life into it because it's suffered a little while I've been out of it too. But at times, it's been a real blast as well. But with the release of Superstar on the horizon , I have a feeling there's a lot of action coming in The Sims community and I would love to share it with you, in a stress free environment :) I may also eventually have some stuff up on Gaia Creations but that's a long shot. Likely I'll have pictures there and the items up on the Yahoo Group.

Love you guys, thanks