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Walls 4: The Garden Lobby in the Luna City Hotel

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Original wall textures by James Gholston. The source photographs are actual pictures of lunar basaltic rock taken by the Apollo astronauts.

Carla says, "I got a contract to redecorate the Garden Lobby at the Luna City Hotel, and here are the walls I want! It's a huge room, so I chose some dark, neutral walls to help close up the space. This is one of the first places most visitors will see when they arrive in Luna City, so I want to use real natural rock from the moon to remind them where they are. I'll add accent lights along the ceiling to reflect off the walls and add some visual texture.

"I have stone masons in Luna City working overtime, honing their skills to create these magnificent walls carved from the living rock of the moon. The ornate crown moldings, chair rails, and baseboards are crafted from stone mined from the same quarries to assure the beauty of natural rock is carried throughout the presentation.

"You can have these walls in your home, too! They're incredibly heavy, especially on Earth, but I'll have them catapulted to an ocean near your home. Our agent in Istanbul will arrange for pickup, local transportation, and installation in your own palace. Each package contains several walls so that you can mix them up when you install them in your home. That avoids repetitious patterns.

"I like to warm up a stone-walled room with paintings, tapestries, and especially wall-mounted planters with hanging vines. I think these will look great with a riot of honeysuckle to offset the dark background and add some fragrance to the air. The wall decorations also help to soften the acoustics of room so you don't have lots of echoes. But that's my next project."

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