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Walls 2: At the Grotto

The Tour Guides at the Grotto 492K
Archive includes 6 walls and 7 floors.
Click on the image to download.

Polished basalt walls and floors are Moon Sims originals by James Gholston. Marble hot tub by Roman Sims. Spacesavers' Stylin' Cone Lamp by Simsations. Rubber tree, jade plant, and potted palm by Maxis. Yucca plant, lotus flower, metalic toro plant, umbrella palms by SimMorphor. Waterfall Princess 1 painting by Dana at Celebrity Sims. Unidentified plants by 7 Deadly Sims. Towels by Matt and Jenny's Sim Stuff. Black Widow Counter by The Well Dressed Sim. Rubber plant by Brigitte Pamperl at BriSims.

"Wow! You've found your way all the way to The Grotto!" says Caddy. "So don't just stand there. Drop your gear and climb in! There's still lots of room in the tub!"

It looked like Pasiphae was getting out when you arrived, but she smiles and rejoins the party. "Oh? You were looking for the pecan orchard?" she says. "You took a wrong turn just south of the villa. You're all the way around on the northwest side of the island. This is one of our favorite places in the Luna City Cavern!

"When we were little girls, we loved to explore the caves that branch off from the cavern. One of the first places we discovered was this grotto so close to our home here on Brasket Island. It was a great place to play hide-and-seek, and during the dark cycle we would sit in here telling spooky stories for hours.

"We outgrew hide-and-seek, but we've never outgrown The Grotto! This little cave is right at the water level, so high waves from Lake Brasket wash in here and make these little ponds. Natural light comes in from the borehole through the cracks overhead, so we decided to try our hand at water gardening. We've been adding plants for years.

"The hot tub is a recent addition. We installed it just last year, along with the cabinet where we keep our towels and stuff. It's a great place to relax and have fun, away from the tourists--

"Oh, no! No problem at all; you're very welcome! You have found our secret grotto, so you are welcome to share it with us. Come over any time. But I should tell you our signal. If you see a white towel hanging on the lowest limb of the live oak at the entrance to the cave, it means somebody in here doesn't want to be disturbed. As long as there's no towel, come on in!"

Our tour guides at The Grotto, 2

Carla says, "The walls and floors of The Grotto are the natural basalt rock of the moon, left behind when molten lava flowed out to leave the void we call the Luna City Cavern. James Gholston made them from actual photographs of lunar rock gathered by the Apollo astronauts."

"We think the cavern formed after a massive collision that happened soon after Luna solidified," says Pasiphae. "We've dated the rock back almost four billion years, even before the Crisium Event that put the face we see today on this region of the moon."

"These walls and floors will work nicely anywhere you want to show natural lunar rock," Carla says, "or for walls and floors made of quarried stone. James has provided us with six walls and seven floors, named basw and basf. They're all included in the archive, which you can download by clicking on the picture above. If you want a natural look, randomly mix walls and floor tiles so that you don't get an obvious repeating pattern.

"It's about time for us to head back the villa for dinner. Why don't you join us? Pasiphae and I are walking, so we'll walk back with you, and after dinner, we'll show you the pecan forest."

Caddy jumps out of the tub and begins to dry herself off. "Great idea!" she says. "I'll fly on ahead and ask Wendy to set another place for dinner!"

Pasiphae chuckles. "Any excuse to fly!"

"Every chance I get!" Caddy says. "See you at the villa!"

The tour guides' nude skins are included in their individual archives,
available in their own section of Moon Sims.

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