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Walls 1: On the Topside Mall Skyway

Topside Mall Skyway
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Archive includes all five picture walls and one closeout blank.
Floor by Classy Sims. Lunar exploration base artwork by Vik Olliver.

"... so then the traveling rigger said to the moon miners' daughter--" says Pasiphae.

"Oops! Company! Um ... oh hi! We're here in the skyway between the spaceport and Topside Mall. From these windows you can see the first exploration base landed by the Artemis Project more than sixty years ago. The base is still in use as a staging facility for the maintenance techs who take care of all our external equipment, but you can see inside it if you sign up for the EVA surface tour."

Carla says, "No, don't worry about the windows. They're more than bulletproof. In fact, they can stop a meteorite moving four times faster than the muzzle velocity of the most powerful rifle made on Earth. They are also heavily coated to filter out ultraviolet radiation from the sunlight.

Another artist's impression of the Skyway from the description of the Luna City Hotel in the Artemis Data Book.

"Oh? You just got off the ship! Well, welcome to Luna! Oh yes, it will take some practice to learn to walk in lunar gravity, but you'll pick it up in no time. We sort of bounce and glide more than we walk. Be careful going down ramps--if you go too fast, you'll find yourself in mid-air! Until you've got your moon legs, that's what the railings are for. Don't be shy about using the railings. Just watch--you'll see citizens using the railings all the time, especially on the steps. It's the visitors who don't want to look like tourists who end up flailing around in the air.

"Oh, and here's our card. If you would like a guided tour, just give us a call! You can reach us from any comm station on Luna. Enjoy your stay in our fair city!"

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