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June 17, 2002 Update: We are about halfway through a massive update to our totally-out-of-control links list. At last count there were more than 600 sites listed, and we still have a couple of dozen queued up to be added.

You won't be surprised to learn that the main reason for needing to do this big update was the advent of SimsHost on June 1. In just two weeks SimsHost has grown to more than three dozen sites (all available to you through your one subscription to SimsHost), so we're pushing hard to keep up.

May 29, 2002 Update: Today we bid a fond farewell to Velaria's Simgirls as they move uptown to the big city of SimsHost. The Simgirls were the first web site we hosted here on Moon Sims and we are sad to see them go, but they go with our best wishes and sincere thanks to Velaria for supporting the SimsHost project.

Thank you, Velaria, for giving us the honor and privilege of providing a home for the Simgirls for the past year!

May 5, 2002 Update: We've moved the opening date for SimsHost forward, to June 1, 2002! We are also moving all the notes and rules for SimsHost over to that site, and added a partial listing of site that we expect will be hosted by SimsHost on Opening Day.

In the background we're also working on more nifty stuff for Moon Sims, and of course have made lots and lots of updates to the links.

We received a nice letter asking if Greg plans to write more stories about the Moon Sims characters. Oh yes! We have been distracted by a series of web hosting crises that affected the whole Sims community, starting last August; however, SimsHost will solve all those problems forever so that we can get back to doing the really fun stuff. Enjoy!

April 28, 2002 Update: We regret to inform you that Livin-It-Up left the Moon Sims server last night without informing us of their planned move. In the process, they destroyed the Master Mesh List and all of its supporting files. This work appears to be irrecoverable. Right now we are working on fixing all the broken links they left behind.

April 27, 2002 Update: Greg finally caved in to peer pressure and added the Trollops & Johns site to the list of hosted sites. Meanwhile, we're trying to figure out how to set up our style sheets so that the fonts look good on both Windows and MacOS machines.

April 23, 2002 Update: Sim-Sations is back, and hosted here on Moon Sims! With the return of Sim-Sations to the web, the Moon Sims family is complete. We've been keeping the light on for Nadia's site ever since we first offered to host sites last August, but events intervened to inhibit her return to simsmastering until now.

Now, before you ask: No, this does not mean we have reopened offer to host sites on the Moon Sims server. Our server is as tight as it was when when we first decided to stop adding new sites, and the community continues to grow.

In addition, we have had to add a rule that the sites were are currently hosting cannot add any more artists, so please don't ask the webmasters of any of the sites listed in the little pink box at the right side of the page to host your stuff. We simply cannot handle the additional load. One site that we were planning to host has decided to deploy on SimsHost this summer, and one of the sites we currently host will also be moving to SimsHost.

April 22, 2002 Update: We have the honor of announcing that Moon Sims is the home of Sandshifter's IDenTify site, where you can find out where all that stuff in your downloads folder came from. The number links in our little encyclopeadia is rapidly approaching 500 sites, but most of our effort these days is focused on getting SimsHost on line as quickly as we can. In the mean time, there have been updates on almost all the sites hosted by Moon Sims, so visit them and enjoy!

April 3, 2002 Update: Added and updated lots of links. In other news, we reformatted the SimGoddesses site so that it will fit into an 800x600 screen without having to scroll from side to side. And yup, we're still working hard on SimsHost.

March 20, 2002 News: Some big news for Macintosh users! We want to call your attention to Skin Shrinker, a utility program that fixes long filenames in Sims skins. Our review of Skin Shrinker is on page 13 of our links list.

On the Trollops & Johns site, we have added a new reward from SimGoddess Byline for those who complete 3 rounds of the game. You can covet it by clicking on the link to "Time is Money."

We are still developing SimsHost, and still predicting that we will be able to open the doors in mid-to-late June 2002. We have some potentially good news about SimsHost: we might be able to deploy a WebSite Director Express system for each Sims web site after all. Keep your fingers crossed.

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