Moon Sims

Object Fundamentals - Part 3
Multi-square Objects

We prudently avert our gaze as Caddy does whatever she is doing with that chainsaw, and ponder the implications of someone having a chainsaw in the Luna City Cavern.

Room! Rippity rippity pop pop pop!

"OK, all done!" says Caddy. "I guess I can turn the shadows back on for this one. Now let me slip in here . . .

Caddy with flat table

"Hrmph! Can someone explain to me why, if we're supposed to have fluids moving upward in our bodies because of the low gravity of the moon, I still have this caboose?"

"Maybe I'd better skip that cream cheese after all," she mutters to herself.

Pasiphae calls from the kitchen. "Hey! Bruce likes it!"

"Lunch, Pasiphae!" says Caddy. "Think about lunch! I'm almost done here!"

"So, now that I've made a total mess of this beautiful table, you can see what it's really made of. Instead of just one big object, it's really a collection of six smaller objects. Four of us could eat at a little table no bigger than the part in front of me, but this big table covers six squares in the game. This means that instead of just 12 images, the game really needs 72 -- a dozen for each of the six objects.

"Fortunately, most of the views are mirror images of other views, so you don't have to do quite so much work to create all the pictures. But be careful of using mirror images. If your object has features, such as text, that comes out backwards in a mirror image, you will have to make a new view for the other rotations. Otherwise your stuff will look funny in the game.

"Chad Authier's work is so darn near perfect we almost never get a chance to pick on him, but I can think of one example of this mirror-image problem that I can use to yank his chain. If you want to see what I mean, head on over to the 7 Deadly Sims and download his Jurassic Park car. It looks terrific in two rotations, but in the other two, the writing is backwards! (Thank you, Chad, for giving me something that makes me feel a little less totally inadequate. And don't you dare fix that car!)

"Now for some more good news. The game calculates the zooms, so you only have to worry about the largest version of these images.

"Let me scrunch these bits back together and turn on the grid so you can see how all the little objects line up."

Caddy with reassembled table

"Hmmm . . . there, that's about right. Except for a few saw marks, good as new, right? Eh, no? You don't think a little duct tape would do the job? Oh well, Pasiphae wouldn't let me keep it anyhow. Not Livin' Luna, y'know.

"Anyhow, before I trash this mess, notice how each of the six parts lines up over its square in the grid. If you've done a good job of making the texture maps meld into each other, then you will see a solid object when the parts are all put together on adjacent squares.

"If nothing else, this ought to teach you some more respect for the artists who create multi-square objects for The Sims and get them to coming looking right. In fact, I'll make it up to Chad by pointing out his T-rex model, which you can download from Wrath in the 7 Deadly Sims. That one still leaves me stunned. I still think T-rex fits better in Gluttony, though." :)

"So now you understand all about how objects are really just flat pictures, and how big objects are made up of little objects that fit together on adjacent squares. There are just a couple of more things I want to tell you about before I turn you loose on the real tutorials about how to make objects for The Sims. To do that, I need to send this decrepit table off to the recycling center so we can focus our attention on the grid it's sitting on."

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