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How to Make Skins for The Sims
Part 18: Discontinous UV Map: Adorning the Vest with Gold

Finding the Shoulder Patches

"Um, Carla, you're decorating me with a UV map again," says Caddy. "Ick!"

"Sorry, Caddy," says Carla, "but finding where to put the gold shoulder patches is getting really tricky! See those white spots on your shoulders?"

"I was wondering about those. Not exactly stylish."

"This is one of the trickiest parts of making this skin. If I want the gold shoulder patches to come out anything like the picture of the toreador, I have to make them in several pieces. Those white areas mark the place where your shoulder patches will lap over from your body mesh to your arms.

"So once again I'm flipping back and forth between Photoshop and SimShow, changing just one pixel at a timetrying to figure out which pixels light up which parts of your body."

Mapping the notches

"This is going to be really hard because it looks like the pixels in the shoulder area, which are on the arm part of the texture, are stretched out. It took a lot of experimenting before I finally settled on the shape for your shoulder patches. It's still not quite what I want so I might come back and fiddle with it some more, some day; but it will do for now.

"Once I finally got the the shape of the red and white areas good enough, I pasted the .bmp file I was working with into my master Photoshop file so I could use it as a reference. I selected the red and white areas, and then switched to a mask in another layer where I had duplicated the gold pattern. At that point it was easy to fill the area where I wanted the gold to show through with white.

"While I was in the neighborhood, I tweaked the gold trim lining the vest so that it didn't fold under the edge. I was really glad I had used a layer mask for the vest trim becuase it made it easy to modify the gold area. If I had just cut out the area I didn't think I would need, I would have had to start all over from scratch when I discovered my mistake.

Caddy and the notches

"Now I'm ready to make the gold patches on the arms. first I created on red square about the right size and then duplicated it by copying and pasting, and moving the new layers up the arm until I had this pattern. I have the UV Map turned on so that I can make sure I am following along the edge of the mesh. Then, starting at the top, I merged each layer down to get them all on one layer.

"This gives me a template that I can use to make the gold parts. I duplicated the pattern for the left arm and flipped it vertical. Then I moved it to create the pattern for the right arm.

"Twice again I duplicated the gold layer, creating separate layers for the left and right arms. I use the wand tool, with anti-alias turned off and tolerance set to zero, to select the area where I want the patches to appear. Then I used the selection to fill in a mask applied to each of the arms.

Caddy and the notches

"And there it is! What do you think, Caddy?"

"The coat looks great! But, you know, even though the details match the painting, the rest of the outfit seems a little plain in comparison to the coat.

"It just doesn't seem to all fit together; either the coat is too much, or the pants aren't enough. Besides, it still looks like leather."

"You're right, it does need a little something here and there to carry through the theme," says Carla.

"Well, let's work on that leather first. I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve for that."

"But you don't have any sleeves," says Caddy.

"Figure of speech. Just let me show you how to change leather into satin. We'll do that in the next part."

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