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How to Make Skins for The Sims
Part 16: Human Anatomy: Locating Caddy's Dimples

Anatomical reference

"OK, you in the back! Stop that giggling!" says Carla. "Let's get over our hormones now so that we can get on with this. We're decorating a human body here, and unless you can afford to hire live models there's no better reference than actual photographs of human bodies.

"Caddy wants to show off her dimples, and I promised to make sure this skin does that. Trouble is, I don't really know from memory exactly where those dimples are located on the human body, or what really what they look like.

"So I dug through my collection of old cheesecake photos and found this. I have no idea where it came from or who the model was, but she sure does have cute dimples! She has an interesting tailbone, too, but we're not concerned with that part of her anatomy right now.

"On the other hand, I'm not too impressed with her thong. Just some ribbons; nothing special. It lets you see her tushy, but I think it distracts from the model's beauty rather than enhancing it. Lucky for me, I don't have to worry about my toreador's underpants for this skin."

"She has nuch a nice, even tan," says Caddy. "Why can't my skin look that good?"

"Ah yes, that lovely precancerous glow! Just take it easy when you're sunning under the borehole," says Carla. "You'll get there."

"I really like those stockings," says Caddy. "Will you make me some like those, Carla? Pretty please?"

"Anything you want, dear," says Carla, "but not for this outfit. Let's focus on our toreador outfit, shall we?"

Finding the dimples

"So let's figure out where her dimples are. Look at this enlargement of the region of interst. Note that her nicely toned tush defines an oval shape, with the top of the oval coming right at the narrowest part of her waist.

"If we make a mark right where her gluteal muscles form that nice contour, we can see that her dimples are about a third of the way between the top of the oval and that mark. And each dimple is not quite half the distance between the edge of the small of her back and her spine.

"So now we can go back to our skin and make some test marks to see if we can find out where Caddy's dimples ought to be! C'mere, Caddy, I want to paint some dots on your backside."

Locating Caddy's dimples

"Carla! That tickles!" says Caddy.

"Don't tempt me," says Carla. "And stop wiggling! I'm trying to get this right! What I'm really doing is marking the little indentation formed where your well-developed glutes tie in to your pelvis. A copy Gray's Anatomy might be helpful here, if I had one handy.

"Actually, I'm making these red marks directly on the .bmp file that I loaded into SimShow. I only had to switch back to RGB once, to add the red color to my pallette, and then coverted back to index colored and saved the file again. It's already targeted on my SimShow Textures directory, so when I save each change it just updates the file I'm loading into SimShow. If you set it up this way, switching back and forth between PhotoShop and SimShow goes really fast.

"After the first time I save a .bmp with the red marks, I can keep making red dots directly on the .bmp file and reloading the skin in SimShow until I get what I want. I don't mind making a mess of .bmp file because I have my master Photoshop document in a separate file. This is a very important technique to learn because often you need to go pixel by to pixel in your search for exactly where the texture maps onto the mesh."

"Yeah, but I'm the one who has to wear these messes you make!" says Caddy.

"Only while we're working on the skin," says Carla. "Think of it as doing multiple fittings for some custom-made clothing.

"There. OK, Caddy, you can let it out now. Wiggle all you want. I think I've got 'em spotted right where I want 'em.

"So now that we've figured out where Caddy's dimples are, let's see if we can fix the notch in those pants. That's what the next session is all about. Gotta fix those shoes, too. Eeesh!"

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