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How to Make Skins for The Sims
Part 15: Testing the Skin in SimShow

Caddy and the Toreador

"Wow! I'm supposed to look like her?" says Caddy. "No wonder my pants feel like they're going to fall off! Her hipbones are in the wrong place!"

"I think it's her belly button," says Carla. "It's higher than normal, and her waist is too low."

"So to adapt her outfit to this body, you need to either move my belly button or give up on showing it off. I think I would prefer not to have my belly button surgically altered."

"I definitely need to make the waistband higher," says Carla. "It'll be tricky, but I think I can keep your belly button where it is and still show it off."

"How come I don't have those gold thingies on my sleeves?"

"I haven't made 'em yet. Turn around. Let me see the back. Hold your arms out so I can see how the vest fits."

Caddy Toreador NE

"Whoops!" says Carla. "Yup, we definitely need a bit more waistband back here."

"My dimples are showing?"

"Just don't bend over or you'll show more than dimples! You're about one degree way from a Coppertone ad!"

"Copper who?"

"It's a period thing. I'll have to show you some advertisements in my collection of old magazines. But actually, in this skin you don't have dimples."

"Aw phooey. Can't I have dimples? What's the point of doing all those leg lifts if I can't have dimples?"

"OK, I'll see if I can add dimples. I want to do this outfit on all the normal skin tones, but I don't think dimples will make a difference. They will still work with all the regular heads."

"So I have to be this pale?"

"I can do a custom outfit just for you, Caddy, if you really like this outfit."

"I'd like that! I'd like to wear this to The Wreck this weekend, if you can get it done in time!"

"I told you you'd like it!"

"That still doesn't get you off the hook. I want my toenails to match my hair."

"Hmm ... the backs of the pants leg need to be a little higher on your calf."

"What are these little notches in front? Am I colonial toreador?"

"No, they should be straight in front. That's an effect caused by the way the skin maps onto the mesh, which gives me yet another thing to work on. There ought to be little belts and buckles at the hems, too; they keep the pants lefts in place. I hope I have the pixels to work with. Let me see the side and do a three-quarter so I can see how the pants drape."

Preserve colors

"How's this?" says Caddy.

"Perfect! Y'know, I think the pants just need to come up one pixel in the front, and maybe three pixels in the back."

"Just don't cover up my dimples!"

"Well, keep up with your leg lifts and make sure they're still there on Friday night! I don't want to go through all the trouble of making dimples only to have them filled in by cream cheese and strawberry-walnut jam!"

"That wisecrack just cost you a dram of your rosey musk perfume in the massage oil, Carla. Hey, how come my feet are so big and her feet are so small?"

"She must have suffered foot-binding as an infant," says Carla. "I like your feet just the way they are, but I need to cut these shoes a little lower and adjust the heels.

"But first, let's get serious about those dimples. We'll do that next.

"This is going to require that we look at a real human body as a reference, so if you don't want to besmirch your eyeballs with the vision of an attractive lady's backside, skip to part 17."

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