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How to Make a Zip Archive for Moon Sims
Part 7: Summary, Zipping, and Submitting the Archive

Caddy pointing at her computer screen

Caddy says, "All right! We have all our files together. We're created the image I need for the web page and the one to go with the archive. And we've written the readme file. We're almost done! And I still have time to get dressed before Pasiphae and Carla get here to pick me up for our date with Bruce! You're a really good student, y'know!

"Now, look at this --"

<Ahem!> "Not that! You'll have plenty of time to look at that later! Look at my computer screen! Let's review what we've learned. I'll make a checklist of all the stuff than needs to go into a character archive for Moon Sims.

  1. Texture maps (BMP) -- One for every object
  2. Mesh files (CMX and SKN) -- Meshes for any unique objects
  3. 2 Character portraits (JPG) -- One for me, one for the archive
  4. Readme file (TXT) -- Make sure the name matches the archive

"That's all there is to it! There might be as few as 3 files in the archive -- just a BMP, the character portrait, and the readme -- or there might be more than a dozen files.

"Next, put all those files except the on-line portrait into a single zip archive named You will need a zip-maker utility for this.

"I like to use the DropZip utility that comes with Stuffit from Aladdin. It's available for all the popular platforms and the most convenient archive-maker I've found. Make sure you set the Preferences where it says "Convert to MacBinary" to "Never". Otherwise Windows users who don't have StuffIt Expander won't be able to decompress your archive.

"Please don't send me StuffIt archives. Yeah I know StuffIt Expander is free for all platforms and makes better archives, and it's even our baseline compression scheme for other work, but you wouldn't believe the number of people who have never bothered to download it. As far as I know, everybody can handle zip archives.

"All that's left is to send the stuff to me so I can review it and get it on line!

Using WebSite Director to submit an archive

"The very best way to submit an archive is to get an account on the Artemis Society International Web Management System. ASI uses WebSite Director Pro from CyberTeams to manage all its web sites. You have to be a member of the Moon Society to get an account on that system, so if you're already a member but don't have a WebSite Director account, just go to the main page for the ASI web management system and fill out the form.

"Don't confuse the WebSite Director system with the Team Director system that you use to maintain your membership in the Moon Society and get access to all the members-only stuff. WebSite Director is a separate system. However, you can have the same username and password on both systems if you want to.

"If you're not a member of the Moon Society, you want to join! Annual dues are less than a dime a day unless you want a newsletter delivered overseas. Just click on the Moon Society link on any page in Moon Sims. There's a great big "Join" button on the front page of the Moon Society web that takes you to the registration system, but I'll make it really easy! Just click here! When you join the Moon Society, they will automatically register you as an associate member of Artemis Society International at no additional cost unless you tell them not to.

"In the WebSite Director system, submit your zip archive to appropriate directory. For instance, if it's an adult female character, the zip archive would go into /moonsims/skins/f/. I might break out subcategories below that level; haven't really decided yet." To submit the zip archive, all you need is your web browser. WebSite Director has no problem with handling binary files.

"The on-line portrait needs to go into the 'images' subdirectory under the directory for the types of characters. For instance, /moonsims/skins/f/images/.

"And you're done! As soon as you have submitted your archive and the on-line portrait, my job starts. I'll get things reviewed and published as quickly as I can. WebSite Director will automatically send you a note when the file is published. Or, if there's a glitch, WSD will send you a note when I put it back into your Author stage.

Caddy in her evening gown

"With me so far? Great! Now, turn your back so I can get dressed. Just study my computer screen for a minute, and then turn it off when you're done. Don't worry, it takes me less than a minute to get out of these rags and into my evening gown. If only I could just spin around like sims do!

"Now, I just slip these off and slip this on ... ooooh, silk! Then adjust this thing and fluff up these ...

"OK, you can turn around now. How do I look?

"We still have a minute, so there's one more thing I need to tell you about.

Using electronic mail to submit an archive

"If you want to submit something before you've joined the Society or before you have received your login stuff for WebSite Director, or if you just can't figure out WebSite Director, you can email it to me. Attach both the zip archive and the on-line portrait to an email message and send them me, Caddy, at You can write a note to me in the body of the email if you like.

"If you send email, please make sure the body of your message is plain text. HTML email comes out blank.

"Well, we're all done! I guess there's just one more thing to do before Pasiphae and Carla get here..."

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