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How to Make a Zip Archive for Moon Sims
Part 3: Texture Maps

BMP files

Caddy says, "First you'll need to make all the texture maps that go with the character. Those are the '.bmp' files that get mapped onto the meshes. Here is a complete collection of skins to define me!"

Normal Clothes B351FAFitlgt_moonpack.bmp

Our Tour Guide togs come with some mix-and-match parts. This version has my middy blouse. I like this one best. Well hey, I have to work hard to keep this flat tummy, especially on the moon! So I like to show it off!

My body is named 'moonpack' because I carry my backpack with me any time there's a chance I'll get to do some flying. I love to fly!

Swimsuit UFFitlght_moonpack.bmp

OK, I'll admit it: Here at the villa I often run around in just this thong. But Adam doesn't want us shocking the tourists, so when I go swimming over in Luna City, I wear a more conservative bikini.

Formal Clothes FFFitlgt_moonpack.bmp

I just love the feel of that red silk against my skin! You might have guessed that I dare not wear anything under it. I'll tell you a secret: Those straps are more than decoration; they keep things from bouncing around so much.

We made the silk right here at the villa on Brasket Island. We have our own silk worms here! It turns out the mulberry trees are pretty easy to care for, and they're an important part of the life support system when the worms aren't eating them.

In fact, as soon as we're done here, I'm going to change into that outfit. We have a date with Bruce tonight!

Pajamas PajamaFlgt_moonpack.bmp

My cute little red teddy -- proof that I don't always sleep in an old undershirt and my panties!

Hmmm... I think I'll pack that outfit before we go out tonight, just in case. I'll bet Pasiphae and Carla are bringing theirs!

Nude NFFitlgt_moonpack.bmp

It really bothers me to be missing body parts, but Adam was firm about distributing anatomically correct nude skins from the Moon Sims web site. For characters that don't have a unique skin tone, the regular nude skin will look fine; but I look awful in that pale skin so I've included a nude skin in the archive just for me.

My left hand HFLOlgt_moonpack.bmp

Matches my sunburn, darn it.

My right hand HFROlgt_moonpack.bmp

Identical to my left hand, actually.

My face C338FAlgt_caddy.bmp

Why do groundhogs keep telling me that I remind them of their maid?

My backpack moonpack.bmp

It's small, but just the right size for my Anson Model 14 competition gold wings! If you're new to flying, you'd better start with green wings. You can get them at the Green Wings Flying Club here on Brasket Island in ASI MOO. I help out at the desk at the club sometimes, so you might run into me there!

"I like to have a complete character in an archive, with all the files someone will need to get that character into the game. In fact, I want to make this a signature for Moon Sims, and distribute a complete wardrobe whenever we can. (Do you know anybody who knows what megahunk Adam Selene looks like in a swimsuit?) To do that, you will need all the outfits the character can change into plus additional skins for any additional accessories that go with the character."

"If the character has a unique skin tone like I do -- or if the character wears gloves or rings or anything that makes the hands unique -- you also need to include a set of hands."

"And finally, if you are working on a character with a unique face, you need to include the face in the archive. My face is especially unique because my skin tone matches my body. Most faces from The Sims will look a little pale on my body, so I included my face in the archive."

"Maybe we can talk Carla into giving you a lesson on how to make these texture maps. She's the wizard with Canvas and Photoshop; I just push the bits around. In the mean time, you will find lots of tutorials on groundhog Sims sites about how to make a skin. You will also find a lot of technical information about skins in Mary Baker's Tutorial on Skin Sets at the Wage of Sim."

"Now that we have all our skins collected, we're ready to start working on the mesh files. That's in Part 4."

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