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Tour Guides Pajama Mesh

Tour guides in their pajamas
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Caddy says, "Here we are in our pajamas! Are we gorgeous, or what?

"Look carefully at the well-turned ankle, the delicate curve of the wrist--"

"The impressive superstructure!" says Pasiphae.

"OK, those, too," says Caddy. "So here's my point: What you don't see is cuff bulges at our ankles and wrists. Or, for that matter, saggy bottoms. Yet, we are dressed in our pajamas.

"We look like this because we put a file into our Skins folder to override the default pajama mesh with our own unique body shape. This body shape is identical to the mesh we wear for our regular tour guide outfits as well as our swimsuit and nude skins. The game thinks this file ougt to be named xskin-pajamaffit_01-PELVIS-BODY.skn, but that 35-character filename won't work on a Macintosh computer. So we used The Namer on it.

"The result was a file named LFN1fe73a31.skn. If you put this file into your Skins folder in The Sims, it will override all your fit females' pajamas. Suddenly every fit female character in the game will get rid her cuff bulges and her saggy bottom, and they'll all look like they went to the same Las Vegas plastic surgeon. So make sure you want to do this before you download this file and install it.

"This file will work with Windows, too, but you will probably have to rename the file to xskin-pajamaffit_01-PELVIS-BODY.skn. I still don't know if the Windows version of The Sims can read LFN files; but don't worry, the only difference is the name of the file. Otherwise the Windows and MacOS versions are identical. You don't need to edit the file because the first line of this file already reflects its intended filename.

"If you do want to do this, just click on the image to download Once you've expanded the zip file, you will find LFN1fe73a31.skn inside the folder named moonsims_tourguidepjs. That's the file you drag into your Skins folder. Make sure The Sims is not running when you do this."

Carla says, "And thank you for giving us our bodies back! It can be a great morale booster to keep our body shape when we change into our pajamas."

Pasiphae says, "I don't know what the other fit female sims in your game will think about it, though. They'll suddenly look a lot better, but you will have to ask them whether they really want to look this good!"

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