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We were sunbathing under the borehole on Brasket Island this morning before your ship arrived, so we all got a little sunburned.

A lot of the gals here in Luna City wear skirts, but in this low gravity that can get to be a bit more showy that we feel is appropriate for groundhog tour groups. So we all wear the same pants in offical Tour Guide red.


Click on me to download

I don't carry any special gear, so I'm easy. Um ... strike that. Let's say you will find it simple to get me into your game. Just click on my picture at the left to download a zip archive that includes both my head and body. The archives includes skins for all my clothes changes except formal.

I wear my hair in Velaria's "flip" hair style from Velaria's Simgirls. While you're there, check out all the beautiful faces Velaria has to offer.

Speaking of beautiful faces, my face is based on Velaria herself. So if you'd like to see what I look like without the sunburn, lighter hair, and different makeup, be sure to get the Velaria head texture while you're visiting her web site.

Velaria gave us permission to distribute her head mesh and this modified version of her "Velaria" texture map. The SKN file included in my zip archive is idential to her "flip" hair style mesh except that the files have been renamed to make them compatible with the Macintosh.


Click on me to download

Pasiphae might be easy, but I'm not! If you want me in your game, you need to download a whole set of head and body meshes as well as the texture maps.

Capes are the latest fashion in Luna City, and being a fashionable gal, I wear a cape when I'm guiding tours of the Luna City Cavern. To get that cape on me, you will need a new CMX for my body plus the SKN and BMP files for my cape. Even though I wear the same body mesh as Pasiphae, I renamed it to B351. By using a different name for my body, I avoid having to scroll through every B300 outfit with the cape added every time one of the sims characters wants to change her clothes. However, it does mean you will need to download the B351 version of the basic Tour Guide body texture.

You'll be happy to know that all my files are Macintosh compatible, and they'll work just fine with the Windows version of The Sims, too! So if you brought along an old portable PC on your trip to the moon, you have nothing to worry about.


I always wear a hat to make it easy for my tour groups to find me in a crowd. My head is based on the NPC policewoman, which I've renamed C911. (Can you guess how I came up with that number?) So you will need the CMX file included in my zip archive to make me work. You don't need a new SKN file because this CMX file will pick up the police lady's SKN file from the game.


Click on me to download

Call me Caddy. I got my name from my great grandmother, but nobody will tell me how she got the name! And no matter what you think, I am not the maid who cleans your toilets back on Earth!

Can you believe Carla's cape? It's cute, but it gets in the way of her wings! Tourists love flying demonstrations even if they're afraid to try it themselves, so I always carry my wings with me. Usually they're folded up in my backpack.

My backpack mesh came from the B121 Lara Croft model created by Chad Authier (Claw) at the 7 Deadly Sims, and distributed here with his permission. The backpack is included in the files in my zip archive. Now, if you are outfitting an entire tour group for a trip to the moon, the 7 Deadly Sims is a great place to look for stuff. You'll find lots of very well-executed characters there as well as stone walls! Very moonish. Lunish. Um, loonie. Erm, Livin' Luna!


I like to wear my hair up because in this low gravity it tends to frizz into a cloud. My face is based on the non-player character Maid from The Sims game. She doesn't get sunburned. I do.

Well, silly me. I thought my C338 head was one of the standard meshes that came with the original The Sims game, but it appears that this is not the case. So if you need my head mesh, click on my face to down load it. It's only 10K.

You were wondering about our bodies?

Our Tour Guide outfit fits nicely on the B300FAFit mesh, but you might have noticed that we tend to be a bit more ... um ... mammalian ... than the standard Sims fit female. There's a reason for that besides just looking a lot better (and a lot more female) in the game: On the moon, we live in a gravity field only one-sixth that of Earth. Because of the lower gravity, fluids tend to move upward. We really like the effect -- slimmer hips and legs, and rather enhanced upper body features, but we have learned it can be distracting to the terrestrial eye. (Hey, if you don't like it, you should have stayed on Earth with the groundhogs!)

Our sims bodies simulate the effects of gravity by wearing an alternative B351FAFit body mesh. This body mesh is identical to the B300FAFit_uber body mesh that you can download from The Wage of Sim's "uber project."

The Wage of Sim closed in 2002, but other sites preserve a lot of their work. You will find the adult stuff at Red Light Sims. (You need to be an adult SimsHost subscriber to access Red Light Sims.)

We all wear the same basic body, but these archives contain different B351FAFit_blah.cmx files.

Warning: Before you install these B351 files in your Skins folder, make sure you don't already have something there named B351. Otherwise these files will overwrite your existing bodies and some of your sims might suddenly find their lovely evening gowns have transformed into these well-endowed skin-tight outfits. If you do already have something else named B351 and want to keep it, you'll need to edit and rename these files to something else. Check out the tutorials at the The Wage of Sim (and several other sites) to learn how to do that.

Our Swimsuits

Pasiphae modeling her swimsuit Pasiphae models her swimsuit for you. This is a composite of photos Carla took when we were playing on the basaltic rock at Red Hawk Cliff on Brasket Island. Of course we go swimming in the moon! Besides the swimming pools at the Luna City Hotel and the Brasket Island Estates, we have a vast expanse of fresh water in Lake Mendell that supplies the entire hydrologic system of the Luna City Cavern as well as the neighboring communities.

Carla usually wears a similar swimsuit but doesn't need a weight belt to keep her from floating too high in the water. Caddy prefers a bikini. Each our our swimsuits is included in our individual archives.

Our swimsuit skins are included in our individual archives. Now, if you would like us to keep our body shape when we change into these swimsuits, and also when we take a bath, you can download the custom mesh file here: It's only 16K.

See the readme file that comes wtih the mesh files for instructions. Be careful; if you install this mesh it will override the swimsuit and nude body shape for all of your fit female sims.

Our pajamas

Pasiphae in her pajamas

Pasiphae likes to wear her long-sleeved mantle when she's sleeping to keep her shoulders warm. The sheep are doing well so we have woolen blankets here in Luna City, but she says wool makes her itch.

Each of us has our own pajamas, included with our individual zip archives.

We use the same B300FAFit body mesh when we change into our pj's because we wouldn't be caught dead in those silly flannel longjohns that mundane sims wear. (Do Earth girls really wear those things?) This will look kind of funny if you use the standard pajama mesh. If you'd like to change the standard body mesh, make a copy of your B300FAFit SKN file and rename the copy to xskin-pajamaffit_01-PELVIS-BODY.skn. If you'd like us to keep our B351 bodies, do this with a copy of the xskin-b351faFit_mb-MBODY.skn file you will find in any of our zip archives.

Caution: Putting a different SKN file in your Skins folder will override the default pajama mesh for all your adult female sims. Fortunately, even those flannel longjohns will look better on the B300 body mesh.

Apologies to Macintosh users: You would have to use Namer to rename the SKN file to an LFN file. Since the xskin-pajamaffit_01-PELVIS-BODY.skn filename is hard-coded into The Sims, there's no way to create a Macintosh-compatible version of this particular file. We didn't do it; complain to Maxis.

Now for the good news: We have already created an LFN file for you, so all you have to do is go to our pajamas page and download the file.

Our <*blush*> nude skin

Tour Guides Sans Togs We just don't look right if we change our epidermis every time we take a bath, so if you really must ogle us with just what Nature provided, install the NFFitlgt_blah.bmp files you will find in our zip archives into your Skins folder.

Note: After a lengthy session of omphaloskepsis, we decided to offer only a censored version of our nude skin from the Moon Sims web site. An anatomically correct version would be a bit much for groundhogs. Take heart; you still get to admire Pasiphae's freckles.

If you really want our anatomically correct nude skins, and are an adult, you can get them from the Files section of the Ultimate Sims List X Group on Yahoo.

Our hands

To complete the effect, you will need our hands. Otherwise we will have pale groundhog hands. (You wouldn't do that to us, would you? Do you know how much trouble we had to go through to get a tan when we're living half a mile below the surface of the moon?) In each our zip archives you will find files named like HFLOlgt_tourguide.bmp and HFLOlgt_tourguide.bmp. These BMP images are identical but you will need them all if you want them to work with all the variations on our oufits.

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