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Carla Caddy

"Hi! Welcome to Luna!" says Pasiphae. "I hope you enjoyed your flight up from Earth. We are currently at Topside Mall. This is the major commerce and shipping center for the whole moon. The shops are still getting set up, but while you are here you can still enjoy meeting some of the citizens and learning about life in the moon.

"I'm Pasiphae, and my friends here are Carla and Caddy. We will be your tour guides during your stay here in Luna City. When everyone is ready, let's take the elevator down to the Luna City Cavern. When we get there, we will be about one mile beneath the surface of the moon.

"If you would like to add us Tour Guides to your Sims game, you can learn more about us and download our personal archives from our own skins page."

Experience Luna: If you would like to learn more about the environment we're working in, you're welcome to visit us in ASI MOO. If you can stand to spend enough time away from The Sims, you'll have fun exploring the Luna City Cavern, and might run into some Moon Society members while you're there. Another great place to look is the set of documents in the Artemis Project Tour. Several other projects are backed up in the web management system, so stay tuned!

If you like what you find, please do join the Moon Society and come along as we make our first step on the journey to the stars!

What's coming to Moon Sims:Our goal for this web site is to show you what it will be like to live in the moon. We are the Moon Society, an organization with more than a thousand members spread out over every continent in the world. Web service and technical support (for both the web and the technical side of space travel) is provided by Artemis Society International, a non-profit research foundation dedicated to establishing a permanent, self-supporting human settlement on Luna.

We plan to offer a variety of characters, outfits, objects, and even whole houses that reflect what you would find in a very large, pressurized cavern in the moon, as well as links to other sites that offer things that fit in a Livin' Luna scenario. We also will offer stories that we hope will entertain you while showing you what it will be like to live in the moon.

Please bear with us. We have just barely started this project. Moon Sims first came on line June 20, 2001.

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