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How SimsHost is Different from Existing Pay Sites

The key differences between SimsHost and the existing pay sites are:

  1. It keeps all Sims sites on line.

    The only sites we would need to lose are these operated by simsmasters who are philosophically opposed to asking users to pay for the server resources they are using.

  2. User costs are lower. That happens because the overhead costs of operating a pay site are shared by all the sites.

  3. Users only have one payment for all the sites hosted by SimsHost, and the subscription fee does not increases as more sites are added.

  4. The fee for downloading means your costs are proportional to the server resources you are consuming.

  5. Scalability means that SimsHost can keep the server response very fast. Users and webmasters won't need to suffer with overloaded servers.

    It's scalable so that it can grow in proportion to the demand for server resources.

  6. With lots of sites, somebody will be updating all the time so simsmasters won't feel an obligation to update just for the sake of updating and there should always be new goodies for users to download.

  7. Paying part of the download fees to the Sims sites encourages excellence in their artistry because it's the good stuff that gets downloaded more.

  8. No Sims site will be driven to close its doors by web hosting costs, ever. We become invulnerable to high disk space and bandwidth consumption even if the Sims community continues to grow.

  9. It accommodates small sites which could not reasonably afford the overhead costs of setting up a pay site to cover their costs.

  10. SimsHost itself is not a Sims site. It's a hosting service.

  11. Simsmasters don't need to search the web for the best server deal available to them.

  12. The web hosting service doesn't need to worry about hosting sites that can't afford to pay their bills.

  13. If a simsmaster gets bored or busy, he doesn't need to take his stuff off line; he can leave it right where it is for people to enjoy for years to come.

  14. SimsHost is brought to you by the same folks who do Moon Sims.

    We like to think that we have demonstrated our ability to to host a multitude of Sims sites, both large and small, and keep the server responsive and reliable.

  15. SimsHost is not on line yet, while the existing pay sites are happily crunching away and seem to be doing fine.

That's about it. Did I overlook something?

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