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Update Archive 2002
a 06.13.200

     Hello again! Just thought I'd let everyone know that I haven't been able to update or really work on anything due to school. I have 4 courses this summer and they are very work intensive so I have little to no free time right now. I'll get back to skinning as soon as I possibly can! Thanks!

Yay, yay!! I'm finally finished with our skin theme. Its a little something I like to call 'Mod Mod'. Each skin features some form of trendy and tasteful stripes. I hope you all enjoy them, I worked my buns off on each and every one to make sure they were as good as I could possibly make them. You can find the new ModMod theme >here<. Also theres a suprise set in the newly opened women's >swimwear section<. Lots of lovely swimsuits for your sim ladies! Let me know what you think in the forum, ok? Thanks for stopping by!

05.08.2002 05.15.2002
     Hi again! Just a quick update on the skin set I'm working on. I know I'm slow and I'm so sorry, but I'm starting to get faster at skinning now, I can make a skin in a day instead of 2 or 3 now at least. :) If you're wondering about the date strikethrough up there, thats when I actually updated the HTML, but I couldn't access the server due to an error with my uploading program until now.

Howdy everyone :) I don't have an update today, but I'm just dropping a note to let you know that I am working very hard on a nifty keen set of skins. I'm sorry I can't pump skins out the way other artists do, but I seriously am still learning and perfecting this art. I could just throw out a bunch of un-shaded ugly skins and call it a day, but the perfectionalist in me won't let me. Also, I'm sorry for not having enough here for some people to download. Some people seem to think that this site "sucks" because I don't have hundreds of downloads available like bigger sites do. Well I'm sorry for being only one person and I'm sorry for having a life. Some people..sheesh.
     On a happier note, I have a little teaser for the skin set I'm working on. I want it to be a surprise so I've muddled the picture quite a bit just for kicks and grins. >:) I'm so evil sometimes..heehee..

Weee!! I've been up all night making my latest skin for you all! As soon as I'm done with this I'm off to bed! Well, I'm kind of proud of the latest skin, I think its my best one yet but I do have to thank Ahn of >Simfreaks< for her tips on a couple of things. You can find it in the womens casual section; please let me know what you think, ok? Oh yah, please vote over to the left there. :) Thankies!

I've updated a bit here and there. There's one new formal skin and the previous skins have been taken down for an overhaul. Those outfits were getting quite dated. There is *gasp* a new object in the outdoor section. Man that thing was growing mold on it from sitting on my hard drive for so long. Last and least important, the +about+ page has been changed again. The wonderful staff at >Simpressive Designs< might be able to help me with the meshes I'll need, so keep a look out for those. Also note the new previews link in the box above. Let me know what you think of the latest stuff, there's more to come!

Hello!! Yes, the little updated sim-sations site will be returning shortly [hopefully]. All of the old files are available, but nothing has really been updated like it should except for the outdated information and links. I don't think I'll be making anymore objects since I was never very good at that. I will be doing >skins< only and mostly >formal< ones at that. I'll need to ask around to see if someone can make some wedding and prom dress meshes so it may be a while before you see much here.