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Update Archive 2001


Wow, a 3 month hiatus! Sorry sim-fans, I've been busy with my new life these past few months. ;) Toss in a bit of disenchantment with the whole sim-community and bam! you have a website that has a near-death experience. Anyhoo, I'm pretty darn sick of Crosswinds these days and I'm looking for a new host with unlimited bandwith/space. I know its a hard find in these trying times for cyberspace, but anyone has a link to a decent host send an e-mail my way, please? Updates>> Link page overhaul, message board now open and a new object in the works. I know its not much and I apologize; but hopefully you'll like what I have for you in a few days. :)


Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

Okay, so maybe there were no rumors, but it sounds good anyway, right? Once again I apologize for not updating this site in over a month. I have been partaking in that sinful thing called reality. Don't worry, I've repented. Lets see here...I have a cute monkey rug and a "longlife" japanese character rug for you in decor, and a shoji lamp in electric [which I am not very pleased with at all]. I have held these objects back for months because I was going to make themes out of these, but I haven't really felt like making anything lately. If I ever make the accompanying objects for these, they will be moved to the themes area. I would really like to have someone help me make some of these things; that would motivate me to be more productive instead of feeling swamped and ultimately disenchanted with the whole thing. By the way, the +Tutorials & FAQ page+ has been massively updated, please check there before e-mailing me with any questions. +BIG NEWS [you can tell cause its in caps] You can now point your bookmarks to +sim-sations.com+ for this site! Yippee! [It may be a couple days before the domain address works]+

Major Updates!!

Site name change--Marle's sim-sations, is now just +sim-sations+, please update your banner, button and text links! New banners and code can be found on the links page.

Alright kiddies, time to clear out your internet caches and open your eyes for some brand spankin' new updates over here. With things as exciting as a new section with a bedroom set and an updated lamp in the electric section, you sure don't wanna miss out just because your browser refuses to display the swanky new stuff, now do you? I didn't think so. :) Also I have updated the links page due to so many sites moving, closing, or sub-standard quality [that doesn't mean just downloads either, its how their staff acts as well]. I also updated the "about" page, and hopefully I'll get off my lazy duff and add the message board soon.

Y'know what..? I just thought of something great. I was going to rant about the negative attitude our sim community is plagued with; but I think that just adds to the negativity, so I have a much better idea. I think I'm going to start a group that will help spread a positive attitude through our community. Sim webmasters and users let me know what you think. I'm not thinking of anything like the Artisan Guild, I'm thinking more of a way for us to group togther to get to know each other better and be a happy, positive group. Maybe this will prevent sites closing down and people competing against each other for recognition. Please e-mail me with your thoughts and maybe a good name for the group.

"Look Ma, Marle's still alive!" Yes its been a while and I haven't really messed with any of the stuff I was working on. I haven't had the time; and really soon I definately won't have any time at all...for anything. I have school, a job, cooking, cleaning, and chauffeurring my stupid sister around to do. But enough of that crap..it makes me depressed thinking about it. I have something that I made a while back thats just been sitting on my hard drive, so I figured I'd post it. Consider it a prelude to an upcoming theme [that was requested god only knows how long ago]. Since it doesn't match the theme exactly, I guess its okay to release it now. You'll find it in decor. Til next time...whenever that is..[I suggest joining the mailing list so you'll know when I've finally updated]