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Update Archive 2000


Hello everyone! I'm back finally, but I haven't got my first theme finished yet. This is my first bedroom set so its a learning experience for me. I'm having trouble with some of the more difficult things so its taking me a long time to finish. I really don't want to put anything on my site that isn't of the highest quality and since I'm such a perfectionalist I get frustrated and trash stuff I've worked on for hours just because it isn't absolutely perfect. Please bear with me as I'm nearing completion on this. Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here. Oh by the way, don't bother clicking the 'themes' link in the objects section just yet because the page isn't there and I've also updated the links page.

Hi guys. Unfortunatley, I have some bad news for you today. There was supposed to be a big update in a couple of days, but due to circumstances beyond my control, all work on objects, skins, ect. are on hold for approximately two weeks. Why you ask? Is Marle taking a vacation, leaving us even more high and dry than we already are? Absolutely not. What happened is that my younger sister had to be rushed to the E.R. this morning and had surgery to remove a ruptured appendix. Because it had already ruptured, this means she will have to be in the hospital for about 5-10 days, and when she gets home, she'll still need me to take care of her for a bit. Kinda sucks when 'Real Life version 1.0' finally boots up, eh? Well I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving [we get hospital food, yay!] and I will be getting back to work as soon as I possibly can. I really hate to dissapoint you guys, so I'll try extra hard to make up for it when I have new stuff for you all. Until then..!

I know, you guys must think I fell off the face of the earth, but you can stop celebrating because I didn't! mwa ha ha! Okay anyway I have some hanging lamps for you in electric. I ask for your apologies right now because I am working on many bed and bath themes for you as well as a "household" theme, so it is going to be a while before I get a whole lot up here. But when I do finally finish, you should be very pleased; at least you better be!! Until then keep your pants on. Please.

Alright, I have a couple of things for you today. There is a new tv in electric and the outdoor section is now open with two objects for your game. I have also updated the fountain preview because the old one was distorted. Enjoy!

Hello all; I'd like to apologize for my absence. Between having to set up a new PC, going to an anime convention and then getting a gawd awful cold, I haven't had time to work on anything. But fear not, because I am ready to get back to work and you won't be dissapointed! Thanks for your patience! By the way, I tried to get my site's tables to look right in Netscape and nothing works, so if you use Netscape, I know the site looks wierd. Get MSIE!! Netscape never handles anything properly!! GAHHH!! If you know how I can fix my tables, please let me know. Thanks.

welcome to the opening of sim-sations! I am Marle and I will be your webmaster, skinner and object maker for sim-sations. As of right now I have our first objects for your sims' home in electronics and decor, and the first two skins of our Carabella Collection. I will be adding more very soon, so please stay tuned!


+I will make the notice now that I do not have a team of people making things for this site and I am still learning the ropes of skinning and object transmogrification. I have another site I am maintaining as well; I do aim to please and I'll be putting put quality over quanity. You will never see a 100 new objects update because the lame recolors have been done...to death.