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Hello Kitty bedroom set [Part 1]
+click here to download the hello kitty bedroom set [part 1]+

+Download Entire Set+

+Hello Kitty Nightstand Lamp+

Made in Japan and sent directly to SimCity for your sim kid; set this on their nightstand to light their life with joy.

+Hello Kitty "LuvLuv" Chair++this object is only compatible with Livin' Large enhanced games+

Need more of that kawaii kitty in your life? Then add the perfect touch with this official Hello Kitty brand chair. Featuring a wonderful kitty angel duet print on the heart-shaped chair backing, guaranteed not to rub off with excessive chair wear!

+Hello Kitty Angelic Double Bed+

This bed will ensure that your Hello Kitty fan will have heavenly dreams each night. Guaranteed!

+Hello Kitty Kawaii Wall Mirror+

What could be better than an angel kitty familiar to aid your practice speeches? Nothing, I tell you!


+Hello Kitty Perfect Pink Floor Lamp+

Perfect pitch and balance of pink hues of this lamp will shed the proper luminencance throughout the room at all times. And your favorite j-culture icon emblazoned on the lamp shade doesn't hurt either!

+Hello Kitty Angelic Wall Scroll++this object is only compatible with Livin' Large enhanced games+

Made from soft acrylic shag fibres, this tapestry scroll will send heavenly vibes throughout the room!


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