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+click here to download+ Otaku-vision
+are you a fan of anime? you'll love this moderately priced tv! All channels play anime all the time! Each station has corresponding genre; light pine stand included.
+Twister rug at Jenny's Sim Stuff
+click here to download+ Playstation-Addition TV
+need that exta touch for your 7DS playstation? this large screen, hi-fi resolution tv delivers for your home video gaming needs. note: I plan to update this soon...
+click here to download+ Bamboo Silloutte Shoji Lamp
+Beautiful silhouettes of bamboo canes will enlighten any room as the light illuminates through the white rice paper graced with bamboo. Our shoji lamps are fashioned of black stained wood. Includes shoji lamp shade and light post with cord switch.

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spacesavers' stylin' cone lamps

+click here to download all five cone lamps+

+violet+ +blue+ +yellow+ +green+ +red+ +all+

These wonderful hanging lamps can be placed anywhere in your home. They do not need to be placed over a table and you can still place things underneath them!

+note: I am not the original creator of these lamps, I only modified them so they could be placed anywhere. update 02/07/2001 -- I have found the orginal artist's information while perusing some german sim sites. Since I can't read german, I have no idea how I came to own these lamps. Anyway, it looks like they were originally made by Johannes Ippen of +Sim Avenue+

+click to download+ Creme Hanging Lamp
+Made by request, this off white hanging lamp is a perfect match to its predecessors. +updated 02/02/2001: far zooms now look much better+