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Webmaster: Nadia S. | Alias: Marle777
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Student, artist, ect
Favorite Foods: Berry Sherbet, furikake rice
Obessions: neatness, anime, cosplay, games
Music: Jpop, rock, alternative, game, house
Likes to: break stereotypes, always be right
Would like to: play guitar & drums, kickbox

This site first opened way back in October of 2000 and was hosted on Crosswinds.net. This was back when they didn't have pop-ups or a bandwidth limit. My how things have changed. The site was never updated very frequently and after Crosswinds managed to completely wipe my account [along with a couple thousand others] I just gave up on updating. Then Greg of Moonsims graciously offered me webspace on their servers along with several other sim sites. I never really had the time or the interest to get the site back up to speed and I've always felt pretty bad about not using the space offered to me. Eventually I picked up skinning again and I decided to go ahead and re-open the site.

I know I used to dabble in objects but I don't think I'm really cut out for that since everything I've ever made look really crappy to me and even I wouldn't download it so I think I'll just stick to skinning.

And so here we are now. Hopefully the site will prosper a bit and not lie dormant for months like I used to let it do. If possible I'd like to get some people to help out a bit since its kinda lonely running a site without any help. So, here's to sim-sations future!