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We're sorry.
The SimGoddesses site is closed.

Site closed. On October 23, 2002, Bibi (SimGoddess Byline) closed the SimGoddesses site. The decision to close the site was hers, and hers alone. We do not know the real reason for closing the site or how long she plans to keep it off line. To the best of our knowledge, the closure is permanent.

Please don't write to us asking about SimGoddesses. We do not know why she closed the site, whether it will re-open, or where it will re-open.

We do not know the answers to questions about the changes that Bibi made to the egroup, why more than half the staff were put on moderated posts, why she closed the site without even a thank-you to us for bearing all the web hosting and bandwidth costs, or why she decided to conduct closure of the site as a troll event.

There is no truth whatsoever to the rumor that we told Bibi to close the site or in any way asked her to do this. Our only role was assisting the member of the SimGoddesses web team who was having difficulty getting the site off line.

There is absolutely no truth to any rumor about anyone even thinking of stealing the SimGoddesses web site, moving it to another server, or any of the other nasty stuff that has been spewing forth on the boards. All these rumors are pure fabrication, with no foundation in any event or reality.

We hope you have enjoyed the site during the year that we hosted it. For your information, this site averaged between 2 and 3 million hits a day, with peaks as high as 4 million. Our best estimate of the total hosting costs for this site over the past year are about $40,000.

We bore those costs for you, so that you could freely enjoy SimGoddesses as a significant addition to your Sims hobby. We were happy to do this, and would have been happy to continue had Bibi not decided to close the site.

While you are here, please enjoy the other fantastic sites that we host here on Moon Sims. Just look in the shaded box in the menu to the right to find them!

Site closed.

1 Nov 02, addendum: Nope, we didn't hijack the domain, either. In fact, we couldn't; we don't own the domain. If you got to this page via, that domain is still pointing to this page because the domain name owner wants it to. Here is the message that Bibi blocked from being posted to the SG egroup at about 7:25 PST today.

Site closed.

30 Mar 03, addendum: While the maintenance crew is in the neighborhood, we thought we'd add a little update on what we do know. The SimGoddesses site is permanently closed. Bibi had the domain switched off so that today it does not point to any working server. There were announcements that all the downloads were to be available on a subscription site, but now, several months later, most of the material still hasn't reappeared on the web. (Don't ask; we're out of that loop and don't know the status of that project.)

Much of the earlier work has always been available on Killersims, which is hosted by SimsHost. You will need a subscription to SimsHost to download from Killersims.

At Killersims, click on the link to "Shopping" and then scroll down in the menu to "6 Byline's". You can also get there by clicking on the elevator button to the 6th floor.

Site closed.

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