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Moon Sims Moon Rover

Moon Sims Moon Rover
Moon Rover design and artwork by Boris Rubanovich. Object designed and created for Moon Sims by Dincer Hepguler. Put the .iff file in your Downloads folder. The moon rover will appear in your Miscellaneous catalog. Cost $30,000. Room score 10.
Click on the image to download the moon rover. 497 K.

"Oh you should have seen it!" says Carla. "Pasiphae tried a shortcut across that rough spot down there where Angus Bay runs into Mare Crisium. Ran her starboard wheels up the side of a little crater and flipped her buggy right over on its back, just like a turtle!"

"Oh darn, I'm sorry I missed it!" says Caddy. "I knew it was risky when I promised to take that family on a tour of the farms, but I thought for sure they would be off on their own by yesterday. It was the delay out at the Apollo museum that did it. Just one group decided to stay over and it threw everybody's schedule out of whack."

"Did you get a good tip?"

"Hoo boy, did I!" says Caddy. "I'm sorry to see them leaving for home!"

"Well at least we get to take a vacation now. I've wanted to see the farside telescopes for so long --"

"And Earthrise! Bruce promised he'll stop at the limb and show us Earthrise!"

"Hey," says Pasiphae, "we're not going to get to see anything if you two don't keep on packing this crate!"

"Oops! She's back!" says Caddy.

"Gonna see if you can roll this one too, Pasiphae?" says Carla.

"Ack! No! You know Bruce. He'll want to drive his new toy all the way to Texas crater. And besides, can you imagine what he'd do if I wrecked his pride and joy?"

Moon Sims Moon Rover
Moon rover designed by Boris Rubanovich.
Object for The Sims by Dincer Hepguler.
Click the image at the top of the page to download.

Carla grins. "Good thinking. We'll keep you away from the controls so you won't be tempted to try something that ends up involving a belt and a sudden localized weight-loss program."

"Hey!" says Pasiphae. "He wouldn't use a belt. Besides, I'm not the one who's obsessed with working off weight in that particular quarter! That's Caddy!"

"I am not obsessed. I just asked, is all."

"Uh huh."

"Hey, what do you think of the new design for high-clearance rims on Bruce's new rover?" Caddy asks.

"Are you trying to change the subject?" says Pasiphae.

Caddy says, "I most assuredly am, just like you tried to. Besides, I'm not so sure about the length of the sealed joint. It seems like it just provides that much more area for grit to get into."

"Bruce said it tested better than the old design," says Carla. "That's good enough for me."

"Well, OK, I won't worry about it," says Caddy. "But I sure hope we don't end up having to walk home from Texas Crater!"

"Speaking of which, did you charge the cryo tanks, Caddy?"

"Sure did! Suits checked. Nav systems all green. Comm link to geo five by five. How about food?"

"Stocked for fourteen days with a thirty day reserve," says Carla, "and I didn't forget the strawberry-walnut jam. But why did you insist on so much food and life support? What's with all these checklists?"

"Don't forget that the moment we undock, we are an independent spacecraft," says Pasiphae.

Carla flashes a big grin. "Just like a racing buggy, huh?"

Pasiphae answers with a level glare. "I don't want to talk about it. Besides, Caddy's gonna fix it."

"I am?"

"You am."

"Oh," says Caddy. "I guess I am!"

"Bruce is going to be here any minute!" says Carla. "Let's get the rest of our stuff packed so he doesn't start kidding us about how much stuff we're bringing on a two-week trip!"

"Yeah," says Caddy. "Besides, I packed a few surprises that I don't want him to see until we get to the limb."

Carla looks at her from beneath lowered eyelids. "Did you bring the red ones?"

"Yup! How about you?"


They both look at Pasiphae. "Well?" says Carla.

Pasiphae dons a sheepish smile. "Blue."

Carla says, "Oh we are so predictable! OK, team, line up. I'll work inside and you pass me the baggage. If we get to it we can have this overblown recreational vehicle packed and have lunch ready before he gets here!"

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