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How Big are Caddy's Wings?

Caddy says, "This picture is a reference for artists. It shows the size of my competition gold wings at their full extension. My maximum wing span is just under 11 feet, and the maximum wing chord is just under 32 inches. In Luna, I weigh just under 20 pounds not counting my wings, and the air pressure and density in the Luna City Cavern are the same as on Earth at sea level. With this rig, I can out-perform any terrestrial eagle!

Size of Caddy's Gold Wings

"I control the wings with a system of cables and cams. The struts that support my wings are very flexibile. By moving my arms forward I can pull the trailing edge of my wings into a sharp camber, dramatically increasing lift and reducing my stall speed at the expense of greatly increased drag. I use that formation for landing.

"The wings are hinged at several points. I had the part on my back custom-fit to follow the joints of my shoulder blades. A set of parallel joints allows the wings to move forward and back, up and down with my upper arms. If I bend my elbows, the wings bend with me.

"In soaring flight I can control my attitude with just fingertip movements that adjust the camber of the trim tabs on the outer trailing edges of the wings. If I close my hands, I pull slows the wingtips closed. If I spread my fingers the slots open, greatly increasing my lift-to-drag ratio.

"With my legs fully extended, my center of gravity is pretty far down my body, below my belly button. It's marked in the illustration. It shifts a little when I spread arms to engage my wing controls.

"That's why my wings have a built-in sweep to them. For aerodynamic stability, I want to have my center of gravity just forward of the aerodynamic center of my primary wings. If you work out the geometry for the center of lift, you will find it's about a quarter of the way back along the Mean Aerodynamic Chord. If that's a bit too much aerodynamics for you, don't worry about it. Once you've strapped on your flying harness and taken to the sky, you won't think about it any more than you think about where your center of gravity is going when you're walking.

"My tail is attached to the frame that supports the wings on my back. I can trim out my center of gravity by bending my legs a little, and move my tail with small adjustments of my ankles. If I bend my legs a lot, as I would when I extend them for landing, my center of gravity moves way forward and my tail automatically arches up to trim out.

"It all seems a little clumsy at first, especially for people who didn't grow up in an airborne family, but you will find that after a couple of hours of practice with a set of well-tailored wings, the basics of flight become as natural to you as walking.

"Come fly with me! You will love it!"

She looks around, and then leans over and speaks to you in a consipiratorial tone. "The truth is, we have a more design work to do on these wings before they're ready to turn over to the 3D modelers to make parts for The Sims. But at least this will give you enough of an idea about how big these wings are to get started."

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