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Fly Me in the Moon

Caddy says, "That's right; not fly me tothe moon, but inthe moon! We live in a huge, pressurized cavern beneath the western shores of Mare Crisium. With our low gravity and full atmosphere, we can fly! Yup! Just like a bird! Well, with the help of wings, we can.

"We fly more like eagles than robins. Constantly flapping your wings can wear you out very quickly, so most of the time we try to catch a thermal to climb up high and soar, but for a short hop up to the third floor of the Moon Society headquarters or to a tree house, we just flap away. It's like climbing stairs.

"You will often see people in Luna City wearing their wings. Some models fold up along their backs, like an eagle's wings. Others can fold in on themselves and compress into a nice compact package. I love to fly, so I carry my wings and tails with me everywhere, folded up in my backpack.

"We wear tail feathers, too, attached to a boom that depends from our flying harnesses.

"Now, don't be surprised if you see someone suddenly bounce out of a wheelchair and fly away. The low gravity of the moon has become very popular for rollers -- people who use wheelchairs. I'll have to admit that wheels are a much more efficient mode of surface transportation than the way we bipeds do it! Aerobatics requires precise control over your lower legs and feet, but even those who don't have this advantage can fly as long as they can make their arms move the way they want; and rollers often have very strong arms from years of using their arm muscles for transportation.

"In fact, Donald Weiss currently holds the record for fastest flyer in Luna City, and it will be a long time before anybody comes close to breaking his record. Donald suffered a back injury playing high school football, down in Oklahoma City on Earth. He lost almost all control over his legs, but that doesn't even slow him down on the moon. With some springy braces under his trousers he can bounce around on the ground as well as any biped. His walk looks very graceful, like a dance, because he balances with his arms. But his real glory is when he takes the sky! I can fly loops around him in slow flight, but when it comes to a sprint, he leaves me behind in his wake!

"Now, here's a request for you 3D modelers and Sims artists out there: We Moon Sims need wings! Not angel wings. Not demon wings. Realwings, like we use to fly on the moon. Tail feathers, too!

Demon in the Mirror

"There area few winged sims out there. Consider the demon in this painting. It's one of my favorites from the private collection at the villa. It's called 'Demon in the Mirror' and it shows a fire demon named Magnafusila phoning home. Her wings and horns are based on meshes created by the late, great Seneca's Wicked Sims. Those little wings look great on a fantasy demon, but they just don't make it for flying around the Luna City Cavern. Besides the fact that they're too small and the aspect ratio is too stubby, I don't happen to have wing joints along my spine for them to attach to.

"With something the size and shape of Magnafusila's wings, I could probably do some hang gliding and catch the ridge lift off The Shelf, but the drag would be really bad. I'd guess I'd have about a 4:1 glide slope -- better than no wings at all, but more like the Space Shuttle than a sailplane. I wouldn't want to try to climb out under my own power with those little wings. I just might be able to do it, but my arms would be so tired by the time I attained any altitude it wouldn't be safe for me to keep flying.

"In their own setting, demons might fly with those little wings using magic power, but all I have to work with here is Caddy power! So please, give me a break and make some wings for me!

"What I really need is some long, thin wings, and a nice swallow tail attached to them for stability. To show you what I mean, I wrote an essay about the size and shape of my own wings."

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