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Livin' Luna "My Livin' Luna badge indicates sites where I've found items that fit into the Livin' Luna environment. Click on the image at the left to learn more about it.

For more information on Sims Sites in general and tips on some of the internet hosting services, please visit our web page About the Moon Sims Links List.

 1: Zero - Bou
 2: Bri - Cut
 3: Dab - For
 4: Fri - Ker
 5: Kil - Mas
 6: Mat - Mys
 7: Nat - Pha
 8: Pok - Shy
 9: Sima - Simf
10: Simg - Simp
11: Simp - Simsh
12: Simsh - Simz
13: Sir - Ther
14: TheS - TheS
15: TheSk - TV
16: Ult - Zoo

Web Site Comments and Commentary
Ultimate Sims List, The

Moon Sims

The Ultimate Sims List moved to SimsHost in April 2004 when its creator, Mike Smith, found that he could no longer keep up with maintaining the list. New features are being added daily, but we still stand by our original comments!

If you like the Moon Sims Links, you're going to love The Ultimate Sims List. In page after excellently organized page, Mike Smith applies his professional webcraft skills to an alphabetical catalog of just about every Sims site we've ever heard of.

Check the last column of the listings to see whether a description of the site is available. Links at the bottom of the page help you find sites that were recently added. You can search for sites by name, description, keyword, and language.

When you see a button like the one underneath our link to the site at the left, it's a direct link to the Ultimate Sims List. Clicking on it will add a tick to that site's entry on the Ultimate Sims List popularity poll. Relative rankings don't mean much because the system is easily abused, but it does feel good to see that people like your site, so if you appreciate what a webmaster is doing and you see that little button, click on it!

The Ultimate Sims List, every known Sims site in the world! SimsHost, the largest Sims site in the world!

The site also features some of Mike's skins with patriotic representations of the United States flag and a delightful collection of politically incorrect lyrics for popular songs.

The site opened in 2002 and is actively updated even to this very day. Hosted by SimsHost, but you do not need a SimsHost subscription to use the list.

May 8, 2004: The original domain name has propagated around the net, so the addresses and can be used interchangeably.

Entry updated 8 May 2004
Uncle George Sim
Caught in the Terrashare shutdown, Uncle George moved to Wonderland Sims, which subsequently closed. We haven't been able to find out Uncle George's stuff elsewhere on the net.
Entry updated 15 Dec 02
Upstairs Downstairs Sim Skins, walls, floors, and objects from the early 1900's Edwardian period presented on a tastefully designed, easily navigated web site. The site doesn't seem to have been updated since 2001, but it's still there.
Entry updated 15 Dec 02
UVMapper - Texture Map Creation Utility Not a Sims site, but a utility from Steve Cox Consulting to create texture maps often used by Sims skinners and object makers. The utility is available for both Windows and MacOS. It creates texture maps from .obj object files, which are the lingua franca of the 3D meshing community. See Jerome's Guide to creating 3D body meshes for notes on how to convert The Sims .skn skin files to standard .obj object files.
You can also use Bodywarp to create UVMaps directly from .skn files.
Velaria's Simgirls

Offers some of the prettiest and best-executed faces available for The Sims. A set of faces fits any of several different meshes with varying hair styles. Moved to SimsHost for their grand opening on June 1, 2002. Was hosted by Moon Sims for a year before that. Lost the background music during the move. We rescued the Simgirls from the TerraShare shutdown.

Carla says, "I love the cheesecake theme!"

Pasiphae says, "I'm really grateful to Velaria for lending me her very own face!"

Caddy says, "I suppose the pretty girls make up for background music, frames, and scrolling messages. I like the flowers."
Entry updated 7 June 02
Veroanique Sims Yahoo Group From the webmaster: "I have lots of nice celebrity heads, along with a few objects, and tons of wall/floor sets. I also have two rugs-only sites. One is V-Sims Rug Depot and the other V-Sims Rug Depot 2, where I put the older files to make room for the new ones."

The rugs sites are also Yahoo groups.
Entry updated 18 June 2006
very sim Small collection of skins by Very Lisa. She last updated in March 2002, and doesn't plan to do any more updates.
Entry updated 2 August 02
Vesta's Villa Vesta's Villa has a few unique walls. The bookstore has links to computer games you can order from Amazon.

Entry created 1 Jan 03
V&F's SimSanity Includes the complete collection of Vixie's Sim Art. Walls, floors, roofs, and skins. Cartoon skins. Last updated March 25, 2001. Hosted on Metamorphsites.

Pasiphae says, "I found a picture of a lunar eclipse here! Also some stone and marble walls, but I can't quite get them to look good when they're tiled."

Caddy says, "I like the site layout, except for the pointless frame at the top. There a few problems with links that still point to Vixie's hard drive, but I'll bet that gets fixed really quick. In the mean time, you can still navigate the pages of art by opening the frame in a new window and manually editing the URL."

Entry updated 2 August 2002
Vintage Sims

New site opened during the grand opening for SimsHost on June 1, 2002.

Entry created 7 June 02
Vixie's Sim Art In April 2001, moved to Vixie & Flutterby's Simsanity.
Entry updated 2 Aug 02
Vogue Sims Sims fashion. Women's clothing and heads. Some men's clothing. Hosted on tripod.
Entry updated 17 Oct 01
VWmonkey's The Sims Site Skins of several rock bands, with faces carefully crafted rather than just photographs pasted in. Some bold walls. The site has been on line at least since September 2000, with the goal of making the site a repository for all the major rock bands. Seems to be updated about once a year, in the late summer. Hosted on Geocities.
Entry updated 2 Aug 02
West Coast Sims Small collection of casual clothing for sims in all categories. Features "Curvy Gals" bodies for the Lane Bryant ladies. Auxiliary skins are all set up to be Hot Date buyable outfits.

Entry created 26 Mar 02
Whimsical Designs Lots of houses for every lot, with wallpapers, floors, and murals to go with them. The house designs look like real upper-middle-class houses, complete with garages.
Entry updated 7 Jan 02
Wichies Making Magic Bold patterned rugs and brightly colored walls completment the collection of skins for NPC's* at Witchies Making Magic. Even an NPC needs an epidermis so Wichie has included a selection of nude skins for them, too. te site also features some bold walls and floors and some basic skins for adult male and female sims.

The site design is as bold as the sims stuff. The special effects and script-driven navigation tools work great on Windows, but on MacOS Classic, use Netscape; Internet Explorer can't handle it.

*NPC = "non-player character" such as the maid, the caterer, and the shopkeepers

Entry created 12 May 2004
Wild Sims Half a dozen skins and some walls. Lots of unrelated links to commercial services like
Wilf's Sims Stuff The home of the dancers Mandy and Candy, Wilf's Sims Stuff hosts a collection of specially hacked objects. Many items require Hot Date or Vacation. Read and heed the notes on the web site and the readme files very carefully! No preview pictures here, just text descriptions and links to the goodies. Mostly "adult" items that make your Sims take their clothes off. Opened in April 2002. Hosted in the UK by Lycos.

Entry created 26 June 02
Wishpoosh's Sims Skins of the X-men comic book characters. We couldn't get the navigation menu to work. The site launches a Java applet, but we couldn't figure out what it does. Hosted on Geocities.
Entry updated 7 Jan 02
Wizard's Apprentice
Yahoo group
Wizard's Apprentice is entirely based on a Yahoo! group, so you will need a Yahoo! accout to get access to the goodies. Your host for this group, Sunmonkey (Susan), regularly posts exceptionally well-crafted and original walls and floors in the group's Files section. Your sims will especially enjoy her Italian Glass floors and linen wall coverings. Group members are also welcome to contribute walls and floors to the stash.

Susan is also known as SimAngel Perky, and is a mod in the SimGoddesses egroup. (See page 8 for our notes about SimGoddesses.)

Entry created 2 August 02
Wonderland Sims
Appears to be permanently off line.

New (in September 2001) from Uncle George! A kid-safe Sims site with Uncle George's legendary wit and charm. Read the "Wonderland Gifts" section for notes on how Uncle George is working to make ends meet and keep his site on line. Turn on Java before entering or you'll miss the nifty opening.
Entry updated 2 Aug 02
Wooden Simolean


Livin' Luna
Originally famous for the variety of hot tubs, Wooden Simolean has expanded to include a large selection of downloads in all categories. A unique style of wooden furniture, including a matching refrigerator, attracted considerable notice on the boards. Emphasis is on wood, but the selection includes all types of construction. Offers several coordinated sets with electronics that match the appliances. Paintings feature comic book characters and popular television stars. Also has a small selection of women's skins.

Pasiphae says, "Wooden Simolean earned my Livin' Luna button with the contribution of an all-metal end table to help us celebrate the second anniversary of Moons Sims! Other tables with cast-iron bases fit the mold, too. The gothic theme of the all-stone hot tub is a little outside the space settlement genre, but it also is made entirely of materials available in the moon. The glass flower vase in the Decorative section and the metal range hoods in Appliances also are made of lunar materials, too."

Links on the main page point to the Barnes & Noble site where you can purchase the latest expansion packs for The Sims.

While navigating the site, use your "Back" button to get back up the hiearchy.

Opened on June 1, 2002 during the grand opening for SimsHost.

This is one of more than sixty great Sims sites hosted by SimsHost. You'll want to subscribe to SimsHost so you can download the goodies. Fortunately, it won't cost you much to subscribe and in addition to getting access to dozens of the greatest sites on the net, when you subscribe to SimsHost you are doing your part to keep all of the great Sims sites on line!

Entry updated 5 Feb 2004
Wood for Sims Get your sims out of the burbs and into the forest! If rustic wood is your style, you're going to love Wood for Sims! This truly innovative site came on line on May 2, 2002 with 40 objects and immediately earned a word-wide round of applause. Presented in German, English, and unfinished oak.

Wood for Sims is a subscription site, priced at $3.50 (or 3.50 euros) per month. You can pay via PayPal or paper mail.

Pasiphae says, "Magnificent! Wins my award for the least Livin' Luna site on the net!"

Entry created 9 Sep 02
World Sims You'll find the downloads section in a small button under the masthead at the top of the page. Start at the link to "The Sims" to see all categories. We found some recolored objects. Animated snow. Christmas decorations. The first outdoor antenna we've seen, complete with VHF, UHF, and satellite links. Also has a "World Store" section with advertising links. Moved to a new site on 15 Dec 01. Most of the stuff here looks very familiar, but there's no credit to the sources.

Caddy says, "The site is slow because of extensive server-side PHP processing and pop-up ads, but it's an interesting user interface. There's a chat board you can sign up for."

Entry updated 24 Dec 01
Wretched Sims
Site closed in February 2002. S&M Builders are at their own domain now. (See our notes on page 8.) Our original review follows.

New site apparently opened in November 2001. There's a little bit in each category. The Wretched Bar (Buy Mode, Kitchen) really caught our attention -- it's set up for use downtown in Hot Date and a refreshing change from the standard wooden bars. You'll find matching counters in "Surfaces." Nice collection of Christmas-themed furniture, walls and floors by "Mippyme." Houses by S&M Builders. Accepts donated material.

Caddy says, "Elegant site design. The Wretched Sims spectre might be disturbing for small children. Uses Active Server Pages, so expect the site to slow down as the server gets overloaded."

Pasiphae says, "The bar and counters might count as Livin' Luna if you imagine they are made of metal."

Entry updated 2 August 02
Wulfy's Sim Shop Clothing only. Several pages of it. Carla can find Buffy in the Celebrities section. The Sports section includes the entire collection of outfits for the NFL cheerleaders. Hosted on The Sims Resource.
Entry updated 25 Sep 01 Yup, that's the name of the site, even though it's not the URL. Lots of recolored objects. Features some of Xuan's objects. Available in both French and English. This link is to the English version.
Entry updated 17 February 2002
Xuan Sims Objects for every room of the house. Offers rooms full of coordinated furniture with motifs that seem to be a mixture French and Asian. Clothing that real people would wear (click on the "boutique" links for skins). Objects requiring Livin' Large or House Party are clearly marked. We didn't see any Hot Date stuff. The collection seems to be expanding steadily. We ran into a few Java coding errors. Presented in both French and English. Hosted on; large web pages with lots of images take a while to get across the pond. Lots of pop-up advertising. Sets lots of cookies in your web browser if you accept cookies. (The site apparently works without cookies.)
Caution: background music.
Entry updated 17 Feb 02
Yahoo Groups
The Sims

Yahoo! Groups
The link to the left takes you to the top of the tree for discussion groups about The Sims on Yahoo. There are more than a thousand Yahoo Groups dedicated to the game. Even Moon Sims has one!

Bandwidth issues have resulted in a large number of Yahoo groups that primarily used as downlod sites (and sadly, several criminal thief sites) with huge numbers of members. Our focus here is groups where you can discuss The Sims so, instead of listing them here, we will add the download groups as individual entries in our links database as we find time to review them. Most of the discussion groups listed here do also have downloads in their Files section.

As of today, the largest discussion-oriented sims-related Yahoo groups with more than 1000 members each are:
simfully - Sims R Us (7972 members)
Sim Watch (6659 members)
KILLERSIMS (5885 members)
SimFever (4575 members)
Casa Sim (4716 members)
Sim Kagen (4212 members)
Twilight Sims (4334 members)
SimsAddicted (3815 members)
Fairy Witch & Ikbod (3596 members)
SimsBuilder (3293 members)
The Sims Party House (3167 members)
Krash's Adult Sims (2479 members) Adults Only
Simply Updates (2422 members)
SimFreaks (1430 members)
Lone Star Sims (1314 members)
Moon Sims (1301 members)
Sim Bazaar (1226 members)
SimsHost (1115 members)
Similarity 2 (1032 members)

We think these are the only discussion-oriented Yahoo groups that are larger than 1000 folks, listed individually, but the proliferation of download groups has made it difficult to keep up. If you would like to have your group listed here, please post a note in the Moon Sims Yahoo Group. Some sites operate more than one group.

The large groups are often the best place to learn about new sites and to talk about the game, and some of the megasites -- notably KILLERSIMS (page 5) post goodies in their egroups' Files sections that are available only to group members.

You might enjoy some of the smaller egroups, too. We once listed our favorites -- Candace's Sim Bazaar, SimsHost and even our little Moon Sims group -- among the smaller groups, but in the course of time all three of these have made the big-groups list above. Oops!

Maintaining these large groups takes a tremendous amount of work, and most large groups are staffed by a number of moderators whose primary task is keep the group's social environment going while dealing with trolls, spammers, and other creepy things that crawl out from under their rocks from time to time. Each group has its own social atmosphere and its own rules, so read the rules and learn what the group is like before you join; and if you join, don't complain about the way the group is conducted.

The trick to joining Yahoo groups, if you don't want to get lots of email, is to make sure that when you join a group you choose the option that says you'll read the messages on the web.

Be warned: The larger groups especially can generate a lot of email traffic, sometimes as many as 200 to 300 messages a day; so if you join a group and sign up for individual messages, don't whine about getting too much email. If you can't handle the mail load, just quietly change your group settings to "no email" and then wait for Yahoo! to catch up.

Entry updated 16 Feb 2004
Ye Olde Town Inn

Ye Olde Town Inn

Ye Olde Town Inn is a discussion board created by the webmasters and artists of the sites hosted by SimsHost exclusively for SimsHost subscribers. The fun and frivolity are presented against the backdrop of a medieval inn.

You might recognize the people who portray the characters who inhabit the Inn. They are the fans, webmasters, and artists of the sites hosted by SimsHost.

Several of the SimsHosted sites are also working on downloads for the game based on on the Inn. Watch the SimsHost Chronicle for announcements of new skins, furniture, objects, and whole households that fit the milieu.

This is one of more than sixty great Sims sites hosted by SimsHost. You'll want to subscribe to SimsHost so you can download the goodies. Fortunately, it won't cost you much to subscribe and in addition to getting access to dozens of the greatest sites on the net, when you subscribe to SimsHost you are doing your part to keep all of the great Sims sites on line!

Entry updated 15 Dec 02
Yuppie Sims

If you want to build a McDonald's restaurant or Snapple Cafe downtown, you will find what you need at Yuppie Sims. Your sims really want to learn to master Backgammon and Pente; you know they do, and now they can! The water slide in the Vacation category got some attention on the boards, but many people reported difficulty getting it to work.

A rapidly growing selection of innovative objects is complimented with a collection of skins that's just getting started. You will find some unique outfits in the women's clothing section. In the heads section it's "women and children first!" That is, no heads for the guys yet.

Yuppie Sims also has a database of links to other sites and operates its own discussion board.

The site has a new look and new navigation aids, making it very easy to navigate. We haven't tested navigation on the Mac yet, but it works great with IE 6 on XP. A Java applet controls navigation, so stroke your mouse a bit when you click on a link to give the applet a fraction of a second to realize you are there.

Moved from Crosswinds to Nozone, but now pop-up ads and third-party cookies are gone! Yuppie Sims moved to Simshost, opening the new site on October 4, 2002.

This is one of more than sixty great Sims sites hosted by SimsHost. You'll want to subscribe to SimsHost so you can download the goodies. Fortunately, it won't cost you much to subscribe and in addition to getting access to dozens of the greatest sites on the net, when you subscribe to SimsHost you are doing your part to keep all of the great Sims sites on line!

Entry updated 4 October 02
Zen Sims

(Closed, but all the goodies moved to Parsimonious)

Livin' Luna
Oh my! If you like Parsimonious (page 7), you'll really enjoy Zen Sims. With the same eye for meticulous detail and beauty, Kate presents her decorative creations. Plants, paintings, pots, plaques, and pillows.

Quick! What's a word for "really great chair" that begins with "p"? We couldn't think of one either, but you will find such a chair at Zen Sims and some floating candles, too!

Pasiphae says, "Plants, pots and Pasiphae! If you have read through all 16 pages of the Moon Sims Links and don't understand why life-giving plants in ceramic pots are Livin' Luna, you're not paying attention! Not that I could blame you with all these pretty things to distract your attention."

9 April 2004: Now you'll like Parsimonious even more, because all of the content from Zen Sims moved there. Kate ran out of time to maintain both sites so she consolidated everything at Parsimonious.

Entry updated 9 April 2004
Zoo Simz

Zoo Simz is a new site that opened on October 31, 2002 with a nice collection of walls, floors, paintings and pictures, and rugs to furnish your sims' homes. Their creations emphasize nature, exotic animals, and adventure themes. Don't miss the "Updates" section for the latest stuff.

This is one of more than sixty great Sims sites hosted by SimsHost. You'll want to subscribe to SimsHost so you can download the goodies. Fortunately, it won't cost you much to subscribe and in addition to getting access to dozens of the greatest sites on the net, when you subscribe to SimsHost you are doing your part to keep all of the great Sims sites on line!

Entry created 3 Nov 02

 1: Zero - Bou
 2: Bri - Cut
 3: Dab - For
 4: Fri - Ker
 5: Kil - Mas
 6: Mat - Mys
 7: Nat - Pha
 8: Pok - Shy
 9: Sima - Simf
10: Simg - Simp
11: Simp - Simsh
12: Simsh - Simz
13: Sir - Ther
14: TheS - TheS
15: TheSk - TV
16: Ult - Zoo

Pasiphae says, "What? We missed your site? Our notes are out of date? Well then, please write to us!

We are getting buried in spam, so we are giving up on posting an email address for updates to the Moon Sims Links List. Instead of sending email to us, please let us know about new sites by posting a note in the Moon Sims Yahoo group.

"We won't add sites that are primarily oriented toward an adult audience or that overtly promote the use of illegal drugs; and of course I reserve the right to exercise my own discretion about whatever else comes to mind.

"Please put the name of your site in the message subject. Don't forget to tell us the URL for your site, too."

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