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Livin' Luna "My Livin' Luna badge indicates sites where I've found items that fit into the Livin' Luna environment. Click on the image at the left to learn more about it.

For more information on Sims Sites in general and tips on some of the internet hosting services, please visit our web page About the Moon Sims Links List.

 1: Zero - Bou
 2: Bri - Cut
 3: Dab - For
 4: Fri - Ker
 5: Kil - Mas
 6: Mat - Mys
 7: Nat - Pha
 8: Pok - Shy
 9: Sima - Simf
10: Simg - Simp
11: Simp - Simsh
12: Simsh - Simz
13: Sir - Ther
14: TheS - TheS
15: TheSk - TV
16: Ult - Zoo

Web Site Comments and Commentary
The Skindex Please see the entry for SKINDEX on page 13. (We moved it there because it seems nobody could find it here.)
Entry updated 20 Nov 03
The South African Sims Oddly enough, although there is a note dated October 21, 2001 on the South African Sims site saying they planned to close the site because they've lost interest, the site is still there in July 2002! Three skins for adult males, and about half a dozen for adult females. Ceiling lights. Pokemon-themed paintings. A couple of cheat codes not listed in the player's guide. Has an open offer to host objects for Sims artists. Hosted on Geocities.
Entry updated 18 August 02
The Stelz Warehouse Several original clothing outfits. Some recolored objects. Doesn't seem to have been updated since July 2001. Hosted on Geocities.
Entry updated 18 August 2002
The Terriost Sims Hideout
That's right; "Terriost," not "Terrorist." It looks like the terriosts have been routed from their hideout -- nothing here but one wall in camo colors. Appears to have been abandoned.

Entry updated 18 August 2002
The Unusal Sim When it's time to move off the beaten path, you'll want to visit The Unusual Sim for a great collection of clothing for those neglected fat and skinny meshes. You'll also find some really unique faces and even new meshes featuring culottes for the not-fashion-model crowd and a new distinctive head shape. While you're there, be sure to pick up some pickles and ice cream for your expectant sims! Hosted on

We updated this entry with a corrected URL. It seems to load slowly, but it does arrive eventually. Worth the wait!

Entry updated 5 April 2004; created August 02
The Wage of Sim

Livin' Luna
Bad news: Richard permanently closed The Wage of Sim at the end of June 2002.

Good news: We are building a new site on SimsHost that will preserve Richard's outstanding tutorials, and all of Richard's bodies, skins, body tables, and fembots are also available at Red Light Sims (page 8).

Great work should be eulogized, so here are our original notes:

Extensive library of reference material, tutorials, and help files. Custom body meshes are a specialty, including the infamous enchanced-bustline models. Presented with a style of wit unique to webmaster Richard R. Ward.

Caution: Some adult content, but meticulously marked as such. (This is the home of "the woodies".) Use your own discretion about what links you follow.

Pasiphae says, "The Wage of Sim earns my Livin' Luna badge for providing the body meshes we Tour Guides wear, allowing us to better represent changes the human body experiences in the low lunar gravity."

Caddy says, "Eeeuwww! Frames! But giving us our bodies makes up for it, Richard, so we still love you in spite of those nasty things. And you're not stodgy; I like that in a guy!"

Carla says, "Don't listen to her, Richard. Offering Mac-compatible meshes makes up for everything! Well, almost. There's still Spaz Petri. Maybe you could just leave him behind when you come to visit us in Luna City?"

The Wage of Sim was off line for a few months in late 2001, but reopened in early December.

Entry updated 23 Jan 04
The Well Dressed Sim

Livin' Luna
The Well Dressed Sim is now a pay site. See the site for details. Our review below remains unchanged; it's still awesome.

The sheer size and quality of their collection of skins, meshes, and furnishing leaves me in a state of awe. They add new things to their collection faster than I can even hope to review them, so you will just have to check it out for yourselves.

Pasiphae says, "Caddy found her Lovely Leopard bed and matching furnishings at The Well Dressed Sim. These alone would earn WSD my Livin' Luna badge, but check out the Black Widow stone kitchen and dinette! Then there's the Blue Collar kitchen and the Black Magic kitchen, and the Peony bathroom fixtures could easily be stonework, and in the Outdoors section the Patio Picnic set is definitely Livin' Luna. Topside Mall bought their escalator in the Odds & Ends section."

Caddy says, "The user interface can seem a little tricky at first, but once you get used to it, you'll love it! Each category in the top menu opens a display of the latest items featured in the center table cell. Just above the featured item you'll find a horizontal nav bar that takes you to the subcategories. Keep a sharp eye out for additional nav bars that take you to multiple pages. And don't overlook the Factory Outlet; it holds a massive collection of older items and clothing.

"And, simsmasters take note: They do all this without frames! The only thing I can think of to whine about is they way they use background colors in table cells to draw lines around things. That slows down refreshing the page in your web browser. On the other hand, I don't know of a better way to draw those lines using 21st century HTML code."

Carla says, "Besides all that, the most fun thing about The Well Dressed Sim is reading the descriptions of all the stuff!"

Entry updated 5 April 2004. Created Feb 2002. Just fixed a typo. WSD is still there, and still awesome.
The Wonderful Old Wardrobe Some orginal outfits for women sims, and half a dozen pretty faces.

Carla says, "I want that dress! Note the one under Threads; the one in the navigation frame!"
The World of The Sims A couple of recolored sofas. A hooka. Some telvision-oriented paintings. Hosted on topcities.
This 'N That Sim Stuff

OK, admit it -- you've always wanted a whole house full of purple furniture, right? Well, here's your chance to satisfy your passion for purple! It says here that the unofficial goal for This 'N That Sim Stuff is to fill a house with purple objects!

The site also has furniture in patterns other than purple and a collection of colorful walls, floors, and roofs.

Opened on SimsHost on June 19, 2002.

This is one of more than sixty great Sims sites hosted by SimsHost. You'll want to subscribe to SimsHost so you can download the goodies. Fortunately, it won't cost you much to subscribe and in addition to getting access to dozens of the greatest sites on the net, when you subscribe to SimsHost you are doing your part to keep all of the great Sims sites on line!

Entry created 20 June 02
Threnody's Chic Boutique Large collection of clothing for adult females. Walls in basic black and white tiles. It says here that the site is no longer being upddated, but will remain on line. Many of the thumbnail images appear to be missing.
T.O.A.O. Sims
The One and Only Sims
The One and Only Sims specializes in decor for your home -- paintings ("Bilder") , walls ("Tapeten"), floors, and Houses ("Häuser"). We found several pages of beatifully done paintings with sets of wallpapers and coordinated floors. The Adults section has walls, tapestries, and paintings featuring commercial and fine art nudes, with a few photos of buff guys.

Hosted on Tripod in Germany. Presented in German and English. Commons in the guest book ("Gästebuch") are in German. Pop-up ads. A large ad from Lycos will cover the home page when you first visit the site, but it will scroll away after a few seconds.

Entry created 19 Feb 2004
Toe Sox Sims
On Moon Sims
On SimsHost
Toe Sox Sims is not a real Sims site, but we have received a few inquiries about it so we thought we'd explain it.

There are two Toe Sox Sims sites, one here on the Moon Sims server and one on the SimsHost server. We used these sites as test areas for the SimsHost software. The one on SimsHost actually has a few things you can download, but it's just some interesting desktop illustrations; no Sims stuff. The one on Moon Sims is just some silly jokes -- see the menu.

The name of the site is another silly joke. Sims don't have toes!

Entry updated 30 July 2003
Tom Sims Some nice paintings from the Ocarina of Time will appeal to Link fans, and paintings from the Mario games salute the one that started it all. Pokeman paintings round out the collection. This charming site is an adventure all on one page; look sharp to find hidden hints, pictures from The Sims games, and links to other fun stuff. Hosted on Homestead, so there are lots of pop-up ads. If you download one of Tommy's sets of paintings use your Back button to get back to his site.
Entry updated 2 Dec 01
Transmogrifer -
Lush Creations
Not a Sims site. Lush Creations is home of Transmogrifier, the staple tool in the object-creator's arsenal for creating objects for The Sims.

Also see Blueprint on page 1.

Entry created 15 June 02
Travels with Buddha Take a trip to the old world with Travels with Buddha! This original and innovative web site presents one of the most unique collections of items for The Sims that we have found. The artist creates exquisitely detailed wood and bamboo furniture and other objects from the exotic land of the Orient. You will espcially enjoy how the artist hides the stereo so that it doesn't clash with the decor unless your sims turn it on.

The collection includes some specialty hacked items and a very unique pagoda roof corner with matching roof tiles.

The site opened on December 30, 2003. Hosted by Videotron in Montreal, Canada.

Entry created 1 Jan 2004
Treasure Hunt

We have been surprised by the number of inquiries we've received asking which site is hosting the Treasure Hunt, so we thought we had better create an entry for it!

The answer to that question is more than a dozen sites are participating in The Great SimsHost Treasure Hunt. We won't tell you the exact number because that would spoil the fun of trying to find them all!

The Great SimsHost Treasure Hunt

This link takes you to the Treasure Hunt starting page on the SimsHost site, where you can learn about the project and enjoy a lot of bad poetry.

The Treasure Hunt started on August 1, and some adventurers have already found all the treasures! The sites plan to keep all the associated pages in place for at least a month, with the treasures available as free downloads for SimsHost subscribers. The SimsHost Treasure Hunt 2003 is the fifth treasure hunt created by the webmasters and artists of the SimsHosted sites. The first was in August of 2002.

Entry updated 1 Jan 2004
Yahoo Group
Yahoo group for object makers.
Entry updated 26 Dec 01
Tricia Cool Sims A few items of bold and unusual furniture. Several of the links to different sections lead to 'file not found' errors. Hosted on Homestead.
Trinkets & Treasures

Livin' Luna
Clothes that ladies would be willing to wear. Furniture you would want to have in your house. Some new cars for the used-car lot. Artistic statuary that you must have. Witty repartee. Opened in November 2001 on

Pasiphae says, "Check out the Livin' Luna metal-and-glass table in the Surfaces section! At least four of these chairs use metal with minimal padding. That black tubey-looking chair could have been made on Luna, too, if you assume the tubes are metal. Every bit of art on the site is Livin' Luna and she even has an orrery!"

Entry updated 21 Nov 01
Trollops and Johns

Trollops & Johns
The trollops are back!

Home site for the Trollops and Johns game. This is a game-within-a-game, where you play to see how many times your household characters ("trollops") can get characters from other households ("johns") to play in the love bed. You only have 30 sim days to complete your round, starting from a new household with three "trollops." Whoever has the highest household budget at the end of 30 days, earned primarily from the "trollops" plying their trade, wins.

The Trollops and Johns web site started out as just a place to post the rules and grew from there. Has rules and helps for the game, several dozen trashy trollops skins, and collections of passionate purple furniture for your brothel. See the Links and Credits page for links to other sites with similar stuff.

Several artists are working on prizes (sims objects) for the winners of the competitive rounds. prize for those who achieve the highest scores in each round.

Intended for adults, but kid-safe in its presentation.

Also visit the Trollops and Johns Yahoo Group for discussions of the game and to join in the fun.

Once hosted by ... um ... oh my ... well ... <*blush*> ... Moon Sims, Trollops & Johns reopened on January 19, 2004 on SimsHost after being closed in deference to the desires of a couple of members of the Moon Society.

Pasiphae says, "Hey Greg, can I have a Livin' Lurid button?"

Greg says, "No."

"How about a snapshot?"

"OK, one snapshot. A small one!"

This is one of more than sixty great Sims sites hosted by SimsHost. You'll want to subscribe to SimsHost so you can download the goodies. Fortunately, it won't cost you much to subscribe and in addition to getting access to dozens of the greatest sites on the net, when you subscribe to SimsHost you are doing your part to keep all of the great Sims sites on line!

Entry updated 23 Jan 04
Troll Sims Site

Troll's got it. Hoo boy! Has Troll got it, or what? Look at this: Animals that move and animals that don't. All sorts of furniture. Bay windows and statues. Clocks and baby monitors. Kitchen applieances in copper and beige. Some of the nicest-looking potty stalls we've seen, with coordinating sinks available. Flowering hedges and trees in fall colors. (Including a banyan tree with fall foliage? These must be the rare, sought-after Norwegian banyan trees.) Lamps and mirrors and glass stairs and roofs and -- get this -- a toy viking boat!

Presented in both Norwegian and English.

This is one of more than sixty great Sims sites hosted by SimsHost. You'll want to subscribe to SimsHost so you can download the goodies. Fortunately, it won't cost you much to subscribe and in addition to getting access to dozens of the greatest sites on the net, when you subscribe to SimsHost you are doing your part to keep all of the great Sims sites on line!

Entry created 13 Mar 2002; updated 20 July 2003
Tropical Dewdrops
Sim Links
The original Tropical Dewdrops site on tripod seems to be gone, but we found the Tropical Dewdrops Sim Links site on Angelfire. When you find the categories of links, click on the sparkly icon to keep going, not on the text. Links are nicely categorized by the type of content each site offers; though, incongruously, all "pay sites" are grouped together on one page.

Now, just to confuse ourselves we also found the Aussie Warehouse at a URL on homestead that sure looks lot lot Tropical Dewdrops and has the same great collection of paintings, tapestries, rugs, and walls that we remember from our previous visit. :)

Perhaps we've reached the point where we ought to drop by the Dewdrops EZBoard and seek enlightenment.
Entry updated 22 July 02
TV Sims is closed. It says here that webmaster Dahling lost interest. The site opened on November 30, 2001. Closed c. May 2002. Following is our original review, dated 5 Jan 02.

Prepare to be entertained! This is television! The site opens with some nifty Flash effects and goes on to use a really fun Flash interface to present the content. There are lots of skins of characters from popular television shows. The trick to downloading them is to hold your cursor over a character's face to find the hot spot where you can click. Hosts contests for celebrity skins and "Sexy Thang" that could be lots of fun.

Entry updated 22 July 02
Toyka's Skins Page
Site closed.

14 Dec 01: Toyka came on line in September 2001. Offers a small collection of beautifully crafted skins for adult females.

Entry updated 19 Feb 2004

 1: Zero - Bou
 2: Bri - Cut
 3: Dab - For
 4: Fri - Ker
 5: Kil - Mas
 6: Mat - Mys
 7: Nat - Pha
 8: Pok - Shy
 9: Sima - Simf
10: Simg - Simp
11: Simp - Simsh
12: Simsh - Simz
13: Sir - Ther
14: TheS - TheS
15: TheSk - TV
16: Ult - Zoo

Pasiphae says, "What? We missed your site? Our notes are out of date? Well then, please write to us!

We are getting buried in spam, so we are giving up on posting an email address for updates to the Moon Sims Links List. Instead of sending email to us, please let us know about new sites by posting a note in the Moon Sims Yahoo group.

"We won't add sites that are primarily oriented toward an adult audience or that overtly promote the use of illegal drugs; and of course I reserve the right to exercise my own discretion about whatever else comes to mind.

"Please put the name of your site in the message subject. Don't forget to tell us the URL for your site, too."

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