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Livin' Luna "My Livin' Luna badge indicates sites where I've found items that fit into the Livin' Luna environment. Click on the image at the left to learn more about it.

For more information on Sims Sites in general and tips on some of the internet hosting services, please visit our web page About the Moon Sims Links List.

 1: Zero - Bou
 2: Bri - Cut
 3: Dab - For
 4: Fri - Ker
 5: Kil - Mas
 6: Mat - Mys
 7: Nat - Pha
 8: Pok - Shy
 9: Sima - Simf
10: Simg - Simp
11: Simp - Simsh
12: Simsh - Simz
13: Sir - Ther
14: TheS - TheS
15: TheSk - TV
16: Ult - Zoo

Web Site Comments and Commentary
Sims in Colour Skins in several different categories. Hosted on Angelfire.
Entry updated 12 Nov 01
Sims Incorporated Home of the Death Set -- objects that will kill your sims. If you need poisoned potato chips, Flaming Moe the flammable flamingo, or the electrocution shower, look here. Hosted on The Sims Resource.

Caddy says, "Painfully slow. You have to wade through six pages to find anything, and it takes at least two minutes per page to load. Try visiting in the middle of the night."
Entry updated 28 Sep 01
Sims Interior Designs See "Interior Design for The Sims" on page 4. This site uses different versions of its name on its masthead and in the title bar.
Entry updated 24 Nov 01
Simsinterviews Came on line in December 2001 with an interview with Sim Goddess Byline. We enjoyed reading this interview and are hoping there will be lots more. Hosted on Available in French and English.
Entry updated 3 Jan 02
Sim Sisters Clothes for women, men, and children, including some nice clothes and very curvy meshes for big girls as well as some original head meshes with unique hair styles. Also offers some very clever objects to decorate your house. Hint: Navigate the many pages of clothing by clicking on the silhouette that shows the style you want. The walls section also has the same kind of subtle icons.
Entry updated 3 Oct 01
SimSite UK Fan site about The Sims with notes, hints, and pictures of houses. The notes are especially valuable if you are new to The Sims or want to look up that cheat code that you can't quite remember. SimSite UK is not a downloads site. Here you can enjoy the webmaster's ingenuity in building houses and participate in their on-line discussions about The Sims. See the front page for news about The Sims. The splash page that requires Macromedia's Flash player, with a link to where you download Flash so you can experience the wonder as the webmaster intended. Hosted on Geocities.
Entry updated 11 Nov 01
Sim Skins by Daboo Collection of celebrity skins and artwork in several themes. Recently added a very popular Marilyn Monroe theme with lots of pictures and a face skin.
Entry updated 22 Dec 01
Warning: System-crashing web troll.
Entry updated 1 Dec 01
Sims of Hades Black. Lots of black. Elegant black. Sexy black. Scary black. We're talking major blackness here. Skins, objects, walls, and floors, all in black and coordinating colors presented in a delightfully macabre site design. Moved to; no more pop-up ads.

Pasiphae says, "Those black stone walls are getting pretty close to Livin' Luna!"
Entry updated 12 Feb 02. Updated URL.
Sims on a Stick Need some poisoned potato chips? A rife that actually works so your sims can murder each other? How about a computer your sims can kick? This is the place to get them. Hosts the infamous Death Set. Read the instructions that come with each object; you could end up accidentally depopulating your entire neighborhood. We have a character you might enjoy practicing with right here on Moon Sims.
Entry updated 7 Feb 02. Updated URL.
Sims Plus Often cited on as the place to go for help, hints, and tricks. Hosts the Sims Menu Edit utility (Windows only).

Offers a large collection of unique objects. Windows objects are .exe files that (supposedly) put the objects directly into your game. Mac objects are more reliable StuffIt archives. Many of the archives are available only for Windows, and the strange format makes them worthless to Mac users.

Caddy says, "Don't overlook the scroll bar in the menu of objects. At least it's a little faster than paging through a catalog."

Pasiphae says, "I like the street lamps."

Entry updated 1 Dec 01
Sims Programs List of all the known Sims-related programs for the Windows platform. None of the Mac programs are listed.
Entry updated 15 Dec 01
Sims Prom Night
Site closed. Gives a link to Sim Valley Strip Mall, which we have removed from our list.
Entry updated 1 Dec 01
Sims Sculpturing We never could figure out what this site was trying to do, but it has now been abandoned in place on Angelfire.
Entry updated 1 Dec 01
Sims Showcase Not a download site. Reviews and previews stuff on other sites. Hosted on Homestead. Homestead adds four advertising-related cookies to your browser if you accept cookies.
Entry updated 21 Nov 01.
Sims Simple Pleasures Whole households of coordinated furniture! As you navigate the site, move your mouse around on the little pictures of the rooms to find the downloadable items. The Southwestern theme includes some subtropical items and Texas flags. Recently added a Christmas theme. Does not use a site identifier in filenames, so be careful to keep track of files you install so you can find them later if you need to. Hosted on

Caddy says, "Most internal links open a new window so be careful not to pile up so many open windows as you navigate the site that you crash your web browser."

Entry updated 1 Dec 01
Sims Studio Nice collection of furniture sets and unique objects. Gable roofs.
Entry updated 21 Nov 01
Sims Stuff Advertised at, but the web site redirects to a web hosting service.
Sims Style 2002

Livin' Luna
Original furniture and accessories for every room in the house. Nicely shaded skins.

Pasiphae says, "There's lots of wood, but if you shop judiciously you will find Livin' Luna objects for nearly every room. I especially like the study desk; it looks like it has a stone top on steel! The traditional office set is could be Livin' Luna, too.
Entry updated 12 Feb 02
Sim's Superstore Walls, floors, and nicely recolored objects in every category. Lots of Hot Date stuff here, so be careful if you don't have Hot Date because the objects might crash your game. Hosted on Tripod. Pop-up banner ads.
Entry updated 12 Feb 02
Sim*StArS Large collection of male and female celebrity skins. Offers nine members of the Star Trek Voyager crew. No longer being updated. Be careful of the meshes; they are non-standard and may cause problems in your game.
Entry updated 1 Dec 01
Sims To Go
Elaine officially closed the site and removed the downloads on 17 Jan 2002, citing the fact that she couldn't keep up with maintaining the site as a reason. The web ring is also closed.
Entry updated 25 Jan 2002
Sims T ... Parlour Skins, objects, art, walls, floors, tutorials. Has a collection of unique Christmas objects. Offers a collection of very pretty faces that fit the Sim Freaks "real" meshes. Women's fashions will appeal to your more daring sims. Text presented in both English and French. Hosted on iFrance.
Entry updated 22 Nov 01
Sim Street Gallery Objects in the categories of "Decorate", "Furnish", and "Landscape". It looks like the webmaster intended the site be navigated using a Javascript pull-down menu, but the menu doesn't work -- at list with MSIE, all the pages just link back to themselves. Click on the question mark (?) at the upper left corner of the screen to find a page of text links.

Carla says, "The resized tables are my favorite objects from Sim Street Gallery! These are the original maxis 2x3 tables resized to 2x2 and 1x1. So now you can have matching end tables and seat a whole eight-member family at a 2x2 without taking up so much room in your house."
Entry updated 2 Dec 01
Sim Surfer
A.K.A. Ember Le Fey's Sim Surfer
Lots of links; 1283 of them at last count, with brief site reviews. Links are organized pretty much in the order sites are discovered and visited. Tends to go off line frequently, apparently due to bandwidth limits, so try back in a few days if you don't get in. Netscape users report problems with scripts; so try visiting with MSIE. Also hosts Vicki Sparling Sims.
Entry updated 10 Jan 02
Sims Western Wear
Apparently permanently off line.
WARNING: Launches the Topcities Pop-Up Gun!
Entry updated 21 Nov 01
Simsylvania "The Home of Sim Goth." Introduces a pale skin tone in keeping with the goth theme. Large collection of skins, houses, building materials, objects, walls, and floors. Impressive collection of Amy Brown art for your walls.

Pasiphae says, "I find Livin' Luna in unexpected places! The goth theme, with its emphasis on stone and dark colors, often results in furnishings that look like they might have been made from materials found on the moon. The Red Ornamental Cabinet fits the description nicely. The black dining chair serves us well as a desk chair at the villa. The pale skins just might be Livin' Luna, too; not everybody in Luna City is as obsessive about the sun as we are!"

Caddy says, "This is clever -- instead of putting the mesh files in the archive with the texture maps for the heads, webmaster Seraphine has included a small link next to the image of the face where you can download the mesh if you need it. If I gave awards for excellence in simsmastering, Simsylvania would receive it for this feature!

"Navigation can be just a little tricky. The headings for the different sections come up as black on a black background in my browser. If you pay attention to the URL appearing in the lower left corner of your browser window, you can find what you're looking for. Another trick is to select and highlight the text, which reveals the headings. I don't know if this was intentional, but it's very goth!

"The web server seems to be misconfigured so that it doesn't recognize the zip mime type, so your browser might not automatically unzip the archives. That's not a big problem; just download the files and unzip them manually."

Carla says, "The makeup on these faces is exquisite!"

Entry updated 8 Sep 01.
Simtasktic Abandoned when Homestead changed their hosting policy. Never contained anything except a few objects from other sites.
Entry updated 1 Dec 01

Livin' Luna
Webmistress Ran Shengli is reloading the site a few pages a day at this new URL. The best place to stay abreast of news about Simternational Imports is the Site Updates forum at The Sims Resource. Here you will find a delightful set of objects categorized by their country of origin, bringing a truly international -- and interplanetary -- flavor to The Sims. Ran also includes links to compatible items found on other sites in each category.

17 Jan 02: Bandwidth bills have forced Ran to control access to the site. For more information on gaining access visit the Simternational Yahoo! Group.

Pasiphae says, "Simternational Imports earns my Livin' Luna badge for the excellent set of equipment from near-term science fiction settings. The Hyperpod featured on the art page is from here. Ran just brought the Deep Space section back on line with a new airlock door that you must have for your moon sims!"

Entry updated 17 Jan 02
Sim Things Abandoned when Homestead changed their hosting policy.
Entry updated 1 Dec 01
Sim-ul8tor Clothes and heads.
Entry updated 21 Nov 01
Simy's Skins This site moved from to, and then closed for a move to AOL, where it is now hosted. Promises to have something to download some day, but there is nothing here now other than a series of pages that lead to you to a page that promises there will eventually be some women's clothing.
Entry updated 1 Dec 01

Site closed permanently on 31 Dec 2001. They tried to come back at a new site, but crashing computers got the best of them.
Several unique objects, including a stainless steel bathroom set. Some very original walls.
Entry updated 14 Feb 02
Simz Playhouse The primary language for this site is Japanese, though you will find the English menu if you hunt for it. Navigation is simple -- just click on the pictures to download the objects in .zip format. Simz Playhouse offers a variety of recolored objects and some original ones. Download filenames start with "ph".

Pasiphae says, "I found two glass-and-metal tables here, and a nice black version of the incurve and outcurve counters with matching trash compactor, dishwasher, and refrigerator. There's also a matching gas range; you would have to use your imagination to justify a gas range in the closed environment of the Luna City Cavern -- maybe it's an electric range that just looks like gas, or maybe those are really inductor coils instead of gas jets."

Caddy says, "Changes in the structure of this site have made it impossible to navigate."

Entry updated 1 Dec 01

 1: Zero - Bou
 2: Bri - Cut
 3: Dab - For
 4: Fri - Ker
 5: Kil - Mas
 6: Mat - Mys
 7: Nat - Pha
 8: Pok - Shy
 9: Sima - Simf
10: Simg - Simp
11: Simp - Simsh
12: Simsh - Simz
13: Sir - Ther
14: TheS - TheS
15: TheSk - TV
16: Ult - Zoo

Pasiphae says, "What? We missed your site? Our notes are out of date? Well then, please write to us!

We are getting buried in spam, so we are giving up on posting an email address for updates to the Moon Sims Links List. Instead of sending email to us, please let us know about new sites by posting a note in the Moon Sims Yahoo group.

"We won't add sites that are primarily oriented toward an adult audience or that overtly promote the use of illegal drugs; and of course I reserve the right to exercise my own discretion about whatever else comes to mind.

"Please put the name of your site in the message subject. Don't forget to tell us the URL for your site, too."

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