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Livin' Luna "My Livin' Luna badge indicates sites where I've found items that fit into the Livin' Luna environment. Click on the image at the left to learn more about it.

For more information on Sims Sites in general and tips on some of the internet hosting services, please visit our web page About the Moon Sims Links List.

 1: Zero - Bou
 2: Bri - Cut
 3: Dab - For
 4: Fri - Ker
 5: Kil - Mas
 6: Mat - Mys
 7: Nat - Pha
 8: Pok - Shy
 9: Sima - Simf
10: Simg - Simp
11: Simp - Simsh
12: Simsh - Simz
13: Sir - Ther
14: TheS - TheS
15: TheSk - TV
16: Ult - Zoo

Web Site Comments and Commentary
Sim Accessories
Closed permanently. Homestead changed their rules, so the site first moved the site to Geocities and now points to Sims Extreme. You will find Sims Extreme alphabetically in the list below.

Caddy says, "Note that he left tracks! Even through all the moving, the webmaster made sure to leave a forwarding page behind as he went to a new site."
SiMagine Home Design A collection of architectural masterpieces! Houses for all lots. A few walls. It looks like the webmaster intends to build a collection of decor and building materials.

Caddy says, "The best webmastering I've encountered among the Sims sites: uncluttered, fast-loading, clear navigation aids, no annoying pop-up advertising, credits sources and provides links to them, no unclosed tables. One style sheet, but it is embedded and uses generic fonts."

Pasiphae says, "No Livin' Luna stuff yet, but moon stuff wouldn't fit with the theme."

Carla says, "I wish we could build the Cape Code house on Brasket Island."
Sim and Let Sim Desiderata and Lisa's Sim and Let Sim has a such a wide variety of very innovative creations that we can't hope to describe them all in our little review. We're sure you will enjoy The Swamp by Lisa with its cypress trees laden with Spanish moss and raccoons peeking out from their den. The Menagerie includes animals we haven't seen anywhere else, such as an okapili, anteaters, and even a white turkey. The Lord of the Rings collection features the famous ent, Treebeard.

Xeroscapers will enjoy the Desert Collection, complete with sand and cactus. If your sims crave the beauty of wildflowers, see the Alpine Flower Collection.

We have barely touched the surface of Sim and Let Sim here, but we hope we have intrigued your interest enough to visit the site and see for yourself.

Originally called Southern Living Sims, the site changed its name on August 27, 2003, when Time, Inc., publisher of Southern Living magazine, took exception to their use of the name.

Entry updated 8 May 2004
Simarchitecte Several houses, ranging from castles to zoos. Includes some links to other sites where you will find things to outfit the houses. Apparently loads parts of other sites into its own frames; we do not know if they have permission to do this. Presented entirely in French. Hosted on Sets about a dozen cookies in your web browser. Lots of pop-up ads; enough to crash your browser if you are not careful. If you disable Javascript before visiting, you will avoid the pop-ups.
Entry updated 9 Mar 02
Simasquerade We haven't reviewed Simasquerade yet, but we will soon! Recommended by Kate, webmistress of Parsimonious (page 7), so we know you'll like it!

Entry updated 20 Feb 2004
Sim Bazaar See Candace's Sim Bazaar on page 2.

Entry created 5 May 02
SIM Beautrizm Street clothes and heads for hip teen-agers. Some animé. Lots of pop-up ads.

Entry created 10 April 02
Simbelina's House of Style Several orginals walls. Lots of objects, mostly made from photographs.
Entry updated 1 April 02. Corrected URL.
Sim-Bolix Sim-Bolix has some of the most fun and innovative goodies for your game. The selection of characters includes period costumes and even Daleks from Dr. Who. Several different styles of hats. Skin divers, mechs, army helmets and baseballs caps are all in the inventory. Safety fences with flashing lights, big boxes and only sims can see inside, and a collection of toys. Storm drains, power walls, and some really strange-looking floors. Houses in the real estate section are as unusual as the rest of the site.

To navigate the site, click on the spots in the game-control bar where you'd expect to click while playing the game. Watch the pages that come up for links to archives and special features. Hosted on fsnet in the UK.

Entry created 18 July 02
Simburbia A few weird skins with sets named to work in Hot Date. Several variations on the outfits that Angelina Jolie wore in her role as Lara Croft in the movie, Tomb Raider. The links to "Vampires" and "Other Stuff" don't work; they are targeted back to the home page. Hosted by
Entry updated 30 Nov 01

Livin' Luna
Large collection of houses presented with clear navigation aids. Provides links to other sites where you can find the items necessary for building and outfitting the houses.

Pasiphae says, "Don't miss the very subtle links to the floors and objects sections. The wide variety of tile floors and objects recolored so they don't look like wood earns my Livin' Luna badge."

Adam adds, "I did overlook those! Very subtle. I like Simburbs even more now that I've learned to navigate it."

Carla says, "I like Mrs. Dutchie's notes about the houses. She tells you what the architect was thinking about the design of the house. The houses also show you others' work in a new context; it's a great source for decoarating ideas. I like the shopping lists, too."

Caddy says, "The navigation aids are clear, but the frames and the scrolling message that obscures the links weaken the presentation while adding no value to the design of the site. I especially don't like not being able to tell whether a link will take me to a detail page or just cause a download. Simburbs needs more back links, too."

Carla says, "Hey Caddy, stop by my room after the ship leaves. I have a new crystal ball I think you should look at while you're thinking about all the work Mrs. Dutchie put into designing and building this wonderful web site."

Caddy says, "Was that a clever way of telling me I need to improve my niceness score?"

Carla says, "Well..."

Adam says, "Ladies, the web site reviews don't seem to be the appropriate place for chit-chat. Take it to the MOO."

Caddy says, "You started it, Adam!"

Adam says, "Oh. So I did. Mea culpa. In which case, I'll be the one to stop it."
Sim Castles Some innovative objects, such as the cobra sculpture and matching lamp. Offers an excellent, detailed tutorial on using Transmogrifier to create objects for The Sims.

Pasiphae says, "Many of these objects could be made from material found in abundance here on the moon, but since they all follow basic groundhog themes I don't think I should highlight this site as Livin' Luna. There are quite a few plants for your garden, though. Metal fences, too. I'll take another look when I can get the web pages to load completely."

Caddy says, "Nice layout, and no frames! Hooray! It tends to stall out when loading things from other sites, especially from the Sims Resource."
Sim Centre Clothing for men and women. Innovative themes for several of the outfits. Has some sets of clothes in 'theme packs' that turn out to be rather convenient. Hosted on Angelfire.

Caddy says, "Be careful of the link to the 'awesome cartoon' -- it can crash your browser."
Simchanted Castle The charming Simchanted Castle site opened on December 23, 2002 with a nice collection of skins for adult men and women. The kids are still getting ready to display their clothes. One house is available already, Symmington Manor.

Hosted in Canada by

Entry created 12 Jan 03
Sim Chaotics Sim Chaotics is the new name for Sim Ones. We get Javascript errors that make it impossible to navigate the site.
Entry updated 10 Mar 02
Simchronicity Simchronicity offers a collection of colorful and unusual objects from the wit and imagination of Sina J'ax. Changed its name from The Sim Better Business Bureau. See page 14 for more information about The Sim Better Business Bureau.

Caution: Some adult content, but it's in a separate Yahoo group.

Entry created 10 February 2004
Sim City Architecture Emphasis on houses, with a few faces and clothes. Offers an outstanding rendition of the White House on the front page.
Entry updated 20 Sep 01
Sim City Gallery

Livin' Luna

See page 14 for our notes about the The Sim City Gallery.

This is one of more than sixty great Sims sites hosted by SimsHost. You'll want to subscribe to SimsHost so you can download the goodies. Fortunately, it won't cost you much to subscribe and in addition to getting access to dozens of the greatest sites on the net, when you subscribe to SimsHost you are doing your part to keep all of the great Sims sites on line!

Entry created 27 June 02
Sim City High School Not much here. Some pictures of sims wearing clothes from other sites, and some broken links.
Sim Crazy Skins from several contributors. Solid-color recolored objects. Animation tutorial here. Lots of pop-up ads.

Entry updated 22 July 02
Sim Dandies Walls and floors, lots of them! Pretty much a one-stop redecorating shop.
Entry updated 24 Sep 01
Sim Decor Changed its name to Simophsere (page 10). First entered in the Moon Sims links 2 Aug 2002.

Entry updated 20 Feb 2004
Simdoodler Cherahnna, guest artist from Sim Snobs, opened her own web page on Geocities in June 2001. Original and stunning windows and doors. Victorian houses.

Pasiphae says, "Lovely. Not Livin' Luna, but still lovely!" The white window box and white-painted Victorian porch windows might work, though. Imagine them as ornate anodized metal."

Entry updated 14 Mar 02
Sim Eden Got a note from Jud Hudson saying the site would be moving with their host, to That's still all we know about Sim Eden.
Entry updated 11 Mar 02. Domain is still not to be found.
Sim Enhancer

Sim Enhancer
Rick in a Box*
Sim Enhancer 3D is an essential utility program for Windows that enables you to edit your characters outside the game. With Sim Enhancer you can change everything about any character in your households: personality, and relationships, with other sims. You can also change each of your character's outfits to anything you have in the game: normal, fashion, winter, swim wear, pajamas, and nude skin. And, of course, you can put a different face on your character.

You can even do a complete makeover, changing age (adult to child and vice versa), body type (fit, fat, or skinny), and sex (if you don't know what those options are, ask your mother).

Use the Sim Enhancer Profile to export your sim for use in other people's games or to copy a sim from one neighborhood to another. Some web sites have downloadable SEP files that contain a complete definition of a character that you can import into your own game. See the 'Links' section for a list. You can even download a character of Rick Halle, the genius who programmed Sim Enhancer 3D; it's in the 'Downloads' section.

Sim Enhancer 3D costs US $17.95 for a one-machine license, and it's darn well worth it. License codes are unique to each machine you install it on. Accepts PayPal.

Rick Halle also offers two additional utilites on the same site:
SE Object Manager (US $13.95) categorizes objects, checks for duplicate object ID's, changes the name, price, and description of objects, and sorts objects to folders and FAR (compressed archive) files based on their functions. Putting your downloaded objects into a big FAR archive can significantly speed up loading The Sims; see "Cause and Effect Article" in the on-line User Guide.

SE NPC MakeOver Kit (US $9.95) does for NPC's what Sim Enhancer 3D does for your playable characters. NPC's are the non-player characters that inhabit your town, selling things and providing services to your sims.

The Sim Enhancer site also has some nifty objects available for download in the 'Downloads' section.

MacOS users: Sim Enhancer is available only for Windows. You should be able to run Sim Enhancer on a Mac using a Windows emulator, but we don't know if it will be worth much unless you also have The Sims for Windows installed on your virtual Windows machine. These utilities have to be able to access the data in your installation of The Sims.

Rick says, "I am going to guess that it can be done without copying files as long as the installed location is accessible from the emulator. On the initial start it will not find the game installed and will require navigating to it. Once that is done the first time, then it should find it after that since it adds registry keys to the location. (I'm assuming the Mac installed location can be seen from within the emulator and that the game directory structure is the same.)"

If your Windows installation can't see your Sims directories on your Mac disk drive, it might work to copy your data files from The Sims for Mac into your Windows machine and put them in the same directory tree that The Sims for Windows expects, and then export the data back to MacOS.

Rick also isn't sure that the license gizmo will work on an emulator because it uses an ID from the Windows machine. We haven't tried running Sim Enhancer under an emulator. If you try it, please let us know in the Moon Sims Yahoo group how it turns out!

*"Rick in a Box" art by Renate, Sim Lane (page 10).

Entry updated 15 Feb 2004
Sim Essentials New site came out with Issue No. 1 dated November 2001 offering a black and white "Zen set" living room suite, two doormats with a U.S. flag motif, and three Christmas wallhangings. The collection has grown to include many rooms of nicely made furniture. There's is a link to a Skins section but we couldn't get links to the invidual types of skins to work. Hosted on Bravenet.

Please note that we previously had Sim Essentials incorrectly linked. That's fixed now.

Entry updated 11 Mar 02
SIM Estates Houses for all lots. Also offers a big service: You can download the original houses that came with The Sims or Livin' Large, so you can restore Bob and Betty Newbie's home after you've made a mess of it. Hosted on Heavy advertising; advertisers will set half a dozen cookies in your browser.
Entry updated 11 Mar 02
Sim Fantasy
Closed. We think Sim Fantasy merged with Hott Sims and create a new site called Simortality, so now we just need to find Simortality.
Entry updated 11 Mar 02
Sim Fashion

New site opened on June 1 with just a few very high quality skins. They continue to build their collection.

Hosted by SimsHost. You'll want to subscribe to SimsHost so you can download the goodies. Fortunately, it won't cost you much to subscribe and you will be helping to keep dozens of great sites on line.

Entry created 18 June 02
Sim Fever
Exclusive Sims
& Sim Fever
Artists from Exclusive Sims pooled their talent with Lucky's Sim Fever site to create an outstanding collection of objects in every category. The intricate detailing of the furniture in several of the collections is really amazing!

Don't overlook the pull-down menus on the right-hand side of the page while you are visiting the site, or you'll miss a lot of the good stuff. The pull-downs lead you to all the pages available in each category. A few of the links are place-holders; most of the pages set up for skins don't have anything yet.

Sim Fever has so many contributors that we got lost without a guide, but fortunately Dani was gracious enough to explain the staff to us: "The staff includes all the ladies from the previous Exclusive Sims site -- Anna, Lydia, Asif, and Amguimar; all the original staff from Simfever -- Lucky, Jocelyn, Andrew, Scotty, Wendy and Steph; Steph B from Oasis Inc; Laurie from LA Sims, and Ana and Daboo from Simskins." And, of course, DaniCast herself.

Sim Fever is a subscription site priced at $5 for 30 days.

Operates a public forum on EZBoard, here. (Be careful not to give EZBoard an email address you want to keep; they are notorious spammers.)

Hosted in the U.S. by Prime Internet Network.
Entry updated 2 Aug 02
Sim-Files Lambertini Text is entirely in Italian. Offers a few innovative objects, and lots of broken links.

Pasiphae says, "The front page has Javascript and Java coding errors, but you can get around it by going directly to the site map at negozio.htm. You might have fun with Altavista's Babelfish Translation Service while visiting this site."
Sim-Finder 2000 Provides links to download sites for objects. No objects here, but it displays pictures of the objects and tells you where you can find them.
Entry updated 18 Apr 02. Updated URL.

Livin' Luna
Huge library of walls, floors, skins, and objects. Several items offered as sets for download. Meticulous, high-quality work. Some of the artists tend to pick a theme and then work dozens of variations on it. With a catalog the size of Sim Freaks, this pays off by providing very customized things for your sims.

Also offers links to other sites in every key category. In the wake of the web shakeout of 2001, some sites have moved their stuff here; notably among them Mom & Pop's Sim Shop.

At the start of November 2001, Sim Freaks changed to offering a subscription service at $5 a month. Some of their stuff is available in the Freebies section and Bil Simser's utilities are free, but for most of it, you will have to sign up.

In early 2002, DaniCast moved her stuff from Sim Freaks to Sim Fever. (See notes for Sim Fever, above on this page.)

Pasiphae says, "Out of hundreds of walls, not a single one is really Livin' Luna, but check out the patterned and tiled floors! The white bathroom stuff could easily be anodized metal. Several other counters would work, too; but alas, every bit of furniture emphasizes wood and fabric -- beautifully done, but alas, not Livin' Luna. "Make sure to pick up lots of plants from the "Outdoors" section. Your version of Luna City will need lots of plants, and Sim Freaks has 'em!"

Caddy says, "It's really a very nice user interface. The trick to navigating this site is the links at the top and liberal use of the BACK button. Because of the way the navigation links are laid out, the top frame almost makes sense, but do Mark and Heather really need a frame just for the copyright line?"

Carla says, "The cultural contribution is a wonderful service to the Sims community, but no matter what Heinlein had to say about it, there is absolutely no way we're going to get guys in Luna City to wear kilts!"

Entry updated 14 April 02
Simfully Yours

Simfully Yours grew to megasite status in just a few months, with a huge catalog of fun stuff from QT Lee and staff. You'll find skins, furniture and furnishing for every room in the house, coordinated sets of walls. Quite a few nautical themed objects. Bedroom sets for children. Work by a variety of artists.

As with most other large sites Simfully Yours was knocked off line by bandwidth blues, but they're back now and going strong on SimsHost!

Hosted by SimsHost. You'll want to subscribe to SimsHost so you can download the goodies. Fortunately, it won't cost you much to subscribe and you will be helping to keep dozens of great sites on line.
Entry updated 18 Jun 02

 1: Zero - Bou
 2: Bri - Cut
 3: Dab - For
 4: Fri - Ker
 5: Kil - Mas
 6: Mat - Mys
 7: Nat - Pha
 8: Pok - Shy
 9: Sima - Simf
10: Simg - Simp
11: Simp - Simsh
12: Simsh - Simz
13: Sir - Ther
14: TheS - TheS
15: TheSk - TV
16: Ult - Zoo

Pasiphae says, "What? We missed your site? Our notes are out of date? Well then, please write to us!

We are getting buried in spam, so we are giving up on posting an email address for updates to the Moon Sims Links List. Instead of sending email to us, please let us know about new sites by posting a note in the Moon Sims Yahoo group.

"We won't add sites that are primarily oriented toward an adult audience or that overtly promote the use of illegal drugs; and of course I reserve the right to exercise my own discretion about whatever else comes to mind.

"Please put the name of your site in the message subject. Don't forget to tell us the URL for your site, too."

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