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Livin' Luna "My Livin' Luna badge indicates sites where I've found items that fit into the Livin' Luna environment. Click on the image at the left to learn more about it.

For more information on Sims Sites in general and tips on some of the internet hosting services, please visit our web page About the Moon Sims Links List.

 1: Zero - Bou
 2: Bri - Cut
 3: Dab - For
 4: Fri - Ker
 5: Kil - Mas
 6: Mat - Mys
 7: Nat - Pha
 8: Pok - Shy
 9: Sima - Simf
10: Simg - Simp
11: Simp - Simsh
12: Simsh - Simz
13: Sir - Ther
14: TheS - TheS
15: TheSk - TV
16: Ult - Zoo

Web Site Comments and Commentary
Matt and Jenny's Sims Stuff
Lost in the TSR purge. Our original review follows.

Large collection of classical paintings. Skins in all categories, plus a tutorial. Unique furniture in the Myths and Legends set. Innovative stuff throughout the site.

Pasiphae says, "It's a shame the Loch Ness Monster isn't exactly Livin' Luna. Maybe we can have monster in Lake Mendell? No? Oh well. But hey, there's a nice metal side table in the Furniture section."

Entry updated 2 Mar 03
Maxis The folks who created The Sims as well as Sim City and all the other great Sim games. Maxis is part of Electronic Arts. Please see the entry for The Sims on page 14.

Entry updated 1 Jan 04
McNamara Object Inc.
McNamara Object Inc. was hosted on The Sims Resource. We don't know what happened to it after TSR stopped hosting other sites in 2001.

Entry updated 15 Dec 02
Medieval Stuff People often ask about where to find Sims stuff for medieval settings and fantasy role-playing games so we decided to create a special entry just for this genre. We found medieval-themed clothing, objects, and building items at these sites:
Castle Simtannia (page 2)
Marina's Sims (page 5)
Sims Interior Designs (page 12)
Simultaneous Design (page 12)
Ye Olde Town Inn (page 16)
Yuppie Sims (page 16)
We'll add more sites to this list as we hear about them.

Entry created 15 Dec 02
Mermaid Cove Since some time in 2001, Mermaid Cove has created pretty ladies with happy smiling faces and a great collection of original and recolored objects. Doors with curtained windows. The sectional tables with cut-outs to go around columns and overlap a little to form larger tables are a special feature. Also features Rubenesque sims and a signature collection of Colorful Characters that includes SimHairfish herself! Don't miss the stunning mermaid; she's a special gift for donors.

A major contribution to the game since 2002: hands that look like hands!

Entry updated 23 Feb 2004
Mikerri's Christian Sims II Very large selection of walls, paintings, and skins with a Christian motif. Lots of slogans, crosses, and fish. A great place to outfit your chapel, complete with church pews, the preacher, and the choir! Oddly, the pulpit appears to be cloned from the bar. Moved from topcities to in September 2001.
Entry updated 21 Sep 01
Mintha's Sim Garden

Hosted Site
After being closed for a few months, returned as Hooty Holler.

Entry updated 2 Mar 03
Miss Universe Female Skins, organized by country in the theme of the Miss Universe beauty pageant. This page on Geocities has some links back to pages on Highlife for one of the final contestants (the Islands), and others hosted on the main site. This is another extraordinary collection of faces and skins for adult female sims. Archives include faces for all the contestants complete wardrobes for the finalists. The site tends to hit the bandwidth limit on Geocities quite frequently, so keep trying back.
Entry updated 22 Sep 01
Modern Sims
The domain name has been usurped by a cybersquatter, so we removed the link. Rats! Lost another Livin' Luna site!

5 Dec 2001: Sets of well-crafted furniture in several themes for all rooms in the house. Furniture coordinates nicely with walls and floors also available from Modern Sims. They have a few skins for women and girls, and one celebrity skin -- Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Pasiphae says, "Almost all the plumbing objects would fit in a Livin' Luna environment. The stainless-steel Manhattan kitchen set is real close and the marble kitchen is spot on! Under walls, the first few under Dark Walls are convincingly Livin' Luna, and so are the marble and tile floors."
Entry updated 18 Feb 2004
Mom & Pop Sim Shop

Livin' Luna
Mom & Pop moved all their stuff to Sim Freaks on October 31, 2001. Following is our original review of their web web site.

Lots of innovative and original objects. Recently rehosted to; server response is a little slow but well worth the wait. A tremendous contribution to the Sims community.

Pasiphae says, "Take your time shopping at Mom & Pop's Sim Shop. You will find several items that fit the Livin' Luna theme, including some nice stone walls and floors. I found a floor here in the Low Income theme that even looks like it has little craters. We don't have craters down here in the cavern, but up on the surface it's a different story!"

Carla says, "If you want to decorate in style, stop by Mom & Pop's!"

Caddy says, "Windows users might want to get the .exe files because these archives expand themselves. Mac users, go for either the .exe or the .zip files; your computer will handle either one. The zips are a little smaller."
Entry updated 8 Jan 02
Moni's Sims

Livin' Luna
Currently off line; rumor has it that bandwidth is the culprit.

Lots of roofs, walls, and floors. And finally, a comfortable single bed for grown-ups! Loads and updates in the web browser very slowly.

Pasiphae says, "I gave Moni's my Livin' Luna badge for the nicely done stone walls and floors, and you'll want to check out the science fiction themed bedroom!"

Entry updated 2 Mar 03
Moon Sims

Livin' Luna

Hosted Site
The tour guides asked me to review Sims web sites, so let's see if they can take it as well as they dish it out! Obviously a very new site, and not yet "officially" opened. The progress since startup is impressive but focused on the technical side of living in the moon rather than on The Sims. There are a few available for download, but you have to hunt for most of them. No objects or building materials available yet.

Pasiphae says, "We're workin' on it! We're workin' on it! Even though there are no Livin' Luna items on this site, I gave it my button because it's the only Sims site on the web that tells you what it's like to live in Luna!"

Caddy says, "Hey, I haven't even finished designingthe site yet! Whaddyawant, Adam?"

Carla says, "Bruce is here. That's enough for me! Well, almost. Hey Adam, when are you going to come to one of our parties at the villa? You can't work all the time!"

Adams says, "Sorry, Carla. It's what I do."

Addendum: And the Tour guides are drop dead gorgeous.

Caddy says, "I think that bought him a lot of points."

Pasiphae says, "Yep! Works for me!"

Carla says, "Well, maybe if he brings flowers when he comes to one of my parties!"
Mount Olympus Offers 3 downloadable houses and a link to a forum on ezboard. Although the site is named for the home of the Greek gods, the theme for this site is Roman. Hosted on Geocities.
Entry updated 3 Nov 01
Murder Death Kill Sims
Seems to have been murdered by Homestead. Our original review follows.

A few skins. Emphasis on horror movie characters. Hosted on Homestead.

Entry updated 2 Mar 03
My Corner of the World You'll find some very unique houses at Chambrey's My Corner of the World -- a castle, a barn, a warehouse converted into a party palace. The collection has continued to grow since the site opened in April 2002, with the addition of starter homes, theme homes, and unfurnished and unfinished do-it-yourself houses. Hosted on Geocities.

Entry created 4 August 02
My Funny Simentine

Lots and lots of very beautiful female heads; 135 of 'em by our last count. Many appear to be the same head texture (.bmp) presented on many different "real" head meshes by Fionn. Also a small collection of body skins for adult females; we're hoping for more, or perhaps links to where they found the clothes the head models are wearing. Lots of walls and floors. Objects section offers some very attractive rugs, some with Christmas themes. Excellent internal navigation links. Look for links to multiple pages in each category at the bottom of the page.

Moved from Tripod to SimsHost to escape the pop-up ads, spyware, and bandwidth blues.

This is one of more than sixty great Sims sites hosted by SimsHost. You'll want to subscribe to SimsHost so you can download the goodies. Fortunately, it won't cost you much to subscribe and in addition to getting access to dozens of the greatest sites on the net, when you subscribe to SimsHost you are doing your part to keep all of the great Sims sites on line!

Entry updated 2 Mar 03
My Lovely Sim
Not there any more. You just get advertising and spyware, so we removed the link, but the good news is that now all of Pam's skins are now hosted at Parsimonious (page 7)!

Clothing for women. Houses. Pretty new smiling faces for the female head meshes by Fionn. Hosted on Fortune City.

Entry updated 20 Feb 04
My Sim Objects Recolored objects from the game, in bright primary colors.
My Sims

Livin' Luna
My Sims from webmaster Trond came on line in March 2002 and immediately grabbed the attention of Sims fans with an outstanding collection of specially hacked objects.

Do you wish your characters could earn logic points from watching learning programs on television? Learn to cook from actually cooking? You will find what you need at My Sims!

The super computer can give you logic skill points and has special features that allow you to get money and even improve your personality. Read your email to improve your social motive score!

Pasiphae says, "Trond's choice of metal finishes earns my Livin' Luna badge! You will find stuff just like this all over Luna City!"

Caddy says, "My Sims seems to be giving some competition to Sims on a Stick (see page 12) for the unofficial title of World's Most Incredible Object Hacker!"

Greg says, "Yup. We'd better add My Sims to the list of sites with stuff that's so cool it's BANNED BY TROLLOPS & JOHNS!"

Entry created 11 April 02

 1: Zero - Bou
 2: Bri - Cut
 3: Dab - For
 4: Fri - Ker
 5: Kil - Mas
 6: Mat - Mys
 7: Nat - Pha
 8: Pok - Shy
 9: Sima - Simf
10: Simg - Simp
11: Simp - Simsh
12: Simsh - Simz
13: Sir - Ther
14: TheS - TheS
15: TheSk - TV
16: Ult - Zoo

Pasiphae says, "What? We missed your site? Our notes are out of date? Well then, please write to us!

We are getting buried in spam, so we are giving up on posting an email address for updates to the Moon Sims Links List. Instead of sending email to us, please let us know about new sites by posting a note in the Moon Sims Yahoo group.

"We won't add sites that are primarily oriented toward an adult audience or that overtly promote the use of illegal drugs; and of course I reserve the right to exercise my own discretion about whatever else comes to mind.

"Please put the name of your site in the message subject. Don't forget to tell us the URL for your site, too."

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