Ever dreamt to have a money machine in your house? Close your eyes, clap your shoes and say... Rosebud. Cheatz! the new KILLERSIMS Software makes Sims life eazier. A hole in the wall on your fingertips. With every click on F8 during gameplay you will be 1000$ richer.

This software makes it possible to use selected cheatcodes during game play by using the function keys on your keyboard. Your Sims are running out of money? Just press F8 and you will be 1000$ richer. Not enough? Press the key again. Your Sims will enjoy that hole in the wall on a fingertip.

With version 1.02 Cheatz! comes with a cheat code editor where you can decide which cheatcodes you want to assign to the funtion keys. 'Time always passes by so fast and I never know what time it is. My dad is always freakin' out when he doesn't find me in bed in the morning. With Cheatz! I will now be home early enough before my mother enters my bedroom to wake me up for school', a teenage Sim from Sim Lane after testing Cheatz!. We only hope she gets some sleep in school now.

After starting Cheatz! the software will assign several common default cheatcodes to your function keys (F-keys) F6 - F11. You will be immediately ready to use them and they will be active as long as Cheatz! is running. It doesn't matter if you start Cheatz! before you launch the Sims or during gameplay, you will be immediately able to use them. By moving your mouse over the highlighted buttons in the Cheatz! you will see which cheatcode goes with which button. Just click the F-key on your keyboard to activate the cheatcode. By clicking the button in Cheatz! you will get a little dialog box popping up telling you the cheatcode assigned to this key. Just edit the field with another valid cheatcode and close the popup box. The changes will be active immediately. You will see a checkmark on a ENTER button. Leave this if you want to get the cheatcode executed immediately after you press the related F-key or uncheck it if you want to see the cheat box during the game to manually add more information. One eay to use it would be assign the cheatcode MOVE_OBJECTS ON to one of the keys and MOVE_OBJECTS OFF to another key and checkmark ENTER in both cases. Everytime you would press these keys the cheatcodes would be executed. If you prefer to only have one F-key you may enter MOVE_OBJECTS and UNcheck ENTER. Everytime you press the F-key during the game now, it will open the cheatbox with the words MOVE_OBJECTS in it and you can manually enter ON or OFF as you like. By default the F11 key has been assigned with an empty cheatcode and ENTER disabled (unchecked). The behavior in the game would be: Everytime you press F11 it will open the cheatbox, the same as using CTRL-SHIFT-C but much easier ;)

For use with TSO, Cheatz! can be setup to show a AFK (away from keyboard) or any other message everytime you click a function key. To do that, just type in AFK in the Cheatz! editor for one of the F-keys and checkmark ENTER. A very useful feature that only works with Cheatz! is showing the Real Life time in TSO since we know a lot of TSO players would like to know what time it is during TSO play. When you assign the Cheatz! only cheatcode RL_TIME to one of the F-keys your Sim will tell you (and the whole world) the local time showing up in the speech bubble every time you press that F-key.

NOTE: Cheatz will run in the backfround of your game. You will have to use the function keys on your keyboard during gameplay.

Get it for FREE! limited time only! If you have access to the KILLERSIMS eGroup Members section you can run Cheatz! online. Just subscribe to one of our eGroups for free. Not a member yet? Sign up under COMMUNITY.

  text in Cheatz! Editor checkmark ENTER The Sims/ Expansion Packs TSO

use any valid cheatcode to be executed on F-key click cheatcode yes yes -
use any valid cheatcode NOT to be executed immediately on F-key click cheatcode no yes -
show AFK in speechbubble AFK yes - yes
show any text in speechbubble any text yes - yes
show Real Life time in speechbubble RL_TIME yes - yes
show Real Life time in cheatcode box RL_TIME no - yes
open cheat command prompt blank - yes -
*** the cheatcode RL_TIME has to be UPPERCASE. This will change in 1.04
*** hint: if you have assigned the money cheat ROSEBUD to one of your keys, just hold the F-key down until you have the amount of money you want. Even faster when you assign ROSEBUD;!;!;! (more exclamation marks) to one of the keys
*** hint: want to use other cheatcodes, see our cheatpage under 10th floor > SUPPORT > CHEATS
*** hint: Cheatz! is designed to run in the background of the game, you will not have to click the keys with your mouse unless you want to assign new cheatcodes. Use your keyboard during the game to activate the cheat codes,

Release: V1.07 20030928 LITE
Platforms: MS Windows
Supported: Windows NT, 2000, XP
Not supported: Windows 95, 98, ME
Languages: International
Compatibily: The Sims and any Expansion Pack, The Sims Online, SimCity4, Rush Hour
Software requires VB6 RunTime libraries

This is a LITE version of Cheatz! Get the full version at to assign any cheat code.

The cheatcode for the LITE versions are:
F6 - NESSIE (The Sims)
F7 - MAP_EDIT ON (The Sims)
F8 - MAP_EDIT OFF (The Sims)
F9 - ROSEBUD (The Sims)
F10 - WEAKNESSPAYS (Sim City 4 / Rush Hour)

Cheatz! - V1.06 CHEATZ! V1.06 - LITE VERSION
For Windows NT, 2000, XP only. Windows 95, 98 and ME are not supported. Compatible with The Sims, any Expansion Pack, The Sims Online
Software comes with Setup Program and includes the VB6 Runtime Libraries.
Cheatz! - V1.07 CHEATZ! V1.07 - LITE VERSION
For Windows NT, 2000, XP only. Windows 95, 98 and ME are not supported. Compatible with The Sims, any Expansion Pack and The Sims Online, Sim City 4 and Rush Hour
This version includes the EXE application file only. You need to have an earlier FULL version installed. So get 1.06 first and replace the cheatz.exe with the one included in this file.