Mole Moles detected!
Moles have been detected in Sim Lane, reported the Sims Pets Club SPC yesterday on KSIMS-TV. 'This is the first time that this cute animal has been seen in our country. We got all in all 12 reports so far from anxious Sim Laners reporting their garden looked a bit messy. One caller even reported that her husband has been disappeared in one of the mole hills. We believe this is a rumor or maybe a daydream Mrs Myer. Here is a warining to all caretakers. Moles are very rare animals and they do not harm anybody, at least if you are not an insect. So please do not try to attack them, you will not catch them anyway.' After SPC came up with the news yesterday, our phones did not stop ringing. We got a lot of callers asking if the KILLERSIMS Shopping Center has moles for their kids. Sim Laners probably try to get THE Valentine gift this year. We are glad to announce that we are the only Shopping Center in Sim City offering moles. Get a mole for your garden but please be advised this is a friend for life time! And to the callers from Downtown. No they do not eat concrete, you need at least have a garden. A good news: the KILLERSIMS moles do not spread the Guinea Pig Disease GPD.

Created by Linamyr

$ 60  TS DT

Mole Hill Kickable Molehill.
We told you you won't get'em!

$ 60  TS DT

Mole Hill