t.A.T.u. Girls
t.A.T.u. are first Superstar NPC's
Lena Yulia and Lena made it to Studio Town. 'Wooohoo, we are the first Yulia Superstar NPCs', say Yulia. 'Sure thing!' Lena replies.
The cool girls showed a bit of excitement when they found out they made it to the top celeb list in Studio Town. 'We have no idea who Avril or this Marilyn chick is, but we believe we have to be proud we joined them.'


Will Wright

Creator of The Sims


The KILLERSIMS.COM celebrities are NOT created with the Maxis Make-a-Celebrity tool so they do NOT replace existing celebrities. The KILLERSIMS NPC Superstars are ADDITIONAL celebrities that appear in ALL your Studio Town neighborhoods....