Mini Golf Hole of Harmony Mini-Golf
Once upon a time, a scribe named Tsang drew out the plans for an object he claimed would change the face of the planet, an object he called, The Hole of Harmony. But the plans were misplaced, and eventually lost to the annals of time. Then, almost 3000 years later, two doctors by the names of Wilsonoff and Gast uncovered the plans during a dangerous excavation near the Bachman-Wood Forest, and took it upon themselves to see the ancient visionary's work through to completion. Thus beginning Mini-Golf . . . Build your own mini golf parcours at home.

$ 1300  MM DT IS OT ST

Mini Golf Clown O' Tears Mini Golf
Originally a game from the 1920's, miniature golf didn't really take off until the 1950's when suburban leisure utopias first captured the imagination. Part of the appeal lay in the whimsical, fantastic course sculptures that appealed to the stimulation-deprived children of the day. So go vintage with a Clown O' Tears mini golf setup today, and watch tourist simoleons fill your pockets tomorrow! Build your own mini golf parcours at home.

$ 1450  MM DT IS OT ST

Mini Golf Princess Run Golf Trap
Bring a firm resolve with you to this hole, and a sword if you have one handy. Even Sir George would find a birdie hard to come by here. A swift and steady shot through the portcullis may be the only salvation from the fire-breathing menace whoís guarding this castle. Build your own mini golf parcours at home.

$ 1500  MM DT IS OT ST

Mini Golf Veel Geluk Windmill Green
Invented originally to mill corn and pump water from low-lying parts of Holland, it wasnít until quite late in the 20th century that the windmillís fine miniature golf properties were discovered. The putt-putt windmillís popularity spread like wildfire, springing up on courses from Altoona to Zermatt. Build your own mini golf parcours at home.

$ 1400  MM DT IS OT ST