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If ever there were a toilet that would contribute better to satisfying the Sims' bladder motives, this would be it. Don't ask why, don't ask how, it's just cool looking, and has more buttons than a stealth bomber. Complete with 8 hour emergency battery pack, heated seat and 56K modem. It's even equpped with Auto-Flush technology.
An elegant period-style bathroom suite, the Andersonville takes hygiene to the Victorian era but is produced to the exacting standards required by the demands of modern Sims. The classical fluted pedestal and shell design give the Andersonville its strength of character.
There's nothing like improving your hygiene with a long, hot, soothing bath after a hard day. The immediate effects of the Justa are a general sense of well-being, relaxation, lowered tension and stress. In addition there is the psychological effect of the pleasure of bathing. Unique lozenge shape and 'one size fits all' design make the Justa bathtub a top seller.
All bathtubs are not created equally. It doesn't take Sims long to feel the tremendous benefits Hydrothera tubs provide. These luxurious one person bathtubs go beyond just elegance and comfort, ensuring proper lumbar support for the ultimate in maximum bathing pleasure.
Krampft Industries is recognized worldwide as a leader in hot and cold water hygiene delivery systems. The SpaceMiser, constructed of indestructible acrylic, polyester resin, and fiberglass, is the perfect solution for space constricted bathrooms. Maximum Capacity: One
The classic bathroom medicine cabinet. Sims can brush their teeth or brush up on their charm and wit. Spacious cabinet has enough space for even the largest and varied of personal pharmacies.

$ 125-3200  TS DT SV