Welcome to the KILLERSIMS Game Hall. It's Bingo Time. Do I see a new Sim here? I have not seen you Downtown yet Sir, did I? Hello Madam take a seat so we can start. Let me explain you the rules since it looks like we have a lot of Newbies here. As I can see you have already found your way into the Game Hall of the KILLERSIMS Shopping Center. For those who are still stuck in the elevators let me speak a bit louder. We are in the 10TH FLOOR. In the tower of the Shopping Center building! I bet even the Sims driving by in the cabs have heard this now. Ok let's go. Let's Bingo!

The rules are easy. Here they are:
You will see the visitor counter of the KILLERSIMS Shopping Center right in front of you. Just look down, down and turn your head left now. Do you see the counter? It's connected to the front door of the Shopping Center and it increases with every Sim entering the glory halls. Do you see it increasing? Well, sometimes the number runs really fast, sometimes it's a bit slower but it's always moving. We don't have any influence on that. If you are visiting the Shopping Center together with your husband, 5 kids, 2 dogs and 12 goldfishes in a bowl it will increase by .... 9. It might be 7. The goldfishes do not count but unfortunately the dogs do sometimes. If you don't see any counter, please make sure your browser has JAVA turned on.

What you have to do is just monitor the counter. If the number displayed there is the same as the number listed on the bingo list below, press the PRINT SCREEN button on your keyboard, paste this screenshot you have just taken into an email and send it to us together with the download/s you want. You can click the little envelope between the navigator and the KSIMS-TV screen. Make sure that the picture is not too large so please clip it and convert it to JPG if possible. We are not too interested in your family smiling from your desktop background. So we know about rule number one now. Any questions?

Rule number 2: You have to be a member in one of the KILLERSIMS eGroups. If you are not a member yet, you'd better subscribe there right away. Just go to our COMMUNITY offices in the 10th floor. Don't worry it's free and you will meet a lot of friends there. And the best, if you have any questions you can ask them there. If you are not sure how to use the PRINT SCREEN feature, more than 2000 members are already waiting to help you. It's a good idea to give it some tries anyway to get used to it. This does not mean that you have a carde blanche to bombard our mailbox with your screenshots now. Use a different email address for your tests please. We suggest to test it since dependent on the counter speed you will probably not have time to press the PRINT SCREEN key more than once, trust me.

Rule number 3: Make sure your email address is working. We get a lot of mails with an invalid reply address so the mails bounce back to us. If you have an hotmail account or an account that only has limited mail space, it's not the best idea to order large files that exceed the mailbox. Better let us know about an alternative email address then.

And last but not least here is rule number 4: NO CHEATING. If we find out you are cheating, for example using your 20 year photo editing knowledge to manipulate the screenshots. You'll get a free lift downstairs. And you don't have to wait for the elevator.

So now let's have some fun, here are the numbers:

Bingo happens every... average time every... example prize
xxx0000 10000 2 days 5050000 1 free download
Bingo happens every... average time every... example prize
xx11111 11111 2 days 5411111 1 free download
xx22222 11111 2 days 5722222 1 free download
xx33333 11111 2 days 5833333 1 free download
xx44444 11111 2 days 5044444 1 free download
xx55555 11111 2 days 5255555 1 free download
xx66666 11111 2 days 5266666 1 free download
xx77777 11111 2 days 5177777 1 free download
xx88888 11111 2 days 5588888 1 free download
xx99999 11111 2 days 5199999 1 free download
Bingo happens every... average time every... example prize
xx00000 100000 20 days 5700000 5 free downloads
xx12345 100000 20 days 5912345 5 free downloads
Bingo happens every... average time every... example prize
x111111 111111 22 days 6111111 5 free downloads
x222222 111111 22 days 6222222 5 free downloads
x333333 111111 22 days 6333333 5 free downloads
x444444 111111 22 days 6444444 5 free downloads
x555555 111111 22 days 6555555 5 free downloads
x666666 111111 22 days 5666666 5 free downloads
x777777 111111 22 days 5777777 5 free downloads
x888888 111111 22 days 5888888 5 free downloads
x999999 111111 22 days 5999999 5 free downloads
Bingo happens every... average time every... example prize
x000000 1000000 200 days 6000000 10 free downloads
x123456 1000000 200 days 6123456 10 free downloads
Bingo happens every... average time every... example prize
6666666 1111111 222 days 6666666 - SUPERBINGO !! 20 free downloads

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