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April 22, 2006: We've been so busy with SimsHost and real-life projects that it's been a long time since we've changed anything on Moon Sims. Today we must bid a wistful farewell to Sandshifter's Identify. Webmaster Dean says that he can't keep up the site and he feels that it is no longer pertinent to the way Sims artists are doing things these days. Nevertheless, Sandshifter's Identify will remain a wistful memory in the minds of those who experienced the halcyon days of The Sims.

Best of luck to you, Dean, wherever life takes you.

August 16, 2004: Hey, neat! Little ol' Moon Sims is listed in the Community Update on the front page of the official Electronic Arts site for The Sims!

May 2, 2004: Lynda De La Mar's Similarity Free is now open right here on Moon Sims! This is a new free site from the creator of Similarity Sims (a SimsHost site). Enjoy!

In other news, The Ultimate Sims List appears to be stabilized at its original address,, as well as at Both versions of the address should work equally well, so you don't need to update your links and bookmarks.

April 27, 2004: The Ultimate Sims List has moved! This month webmaster Mike Smith announced that he would no longer be able to maintain The Ultimate Sims List, but (thanks to a lot of help from Mike) The List continues in full operation at! Several sites are also hosting flat versions of the list. See our review on page 16 of the Moon Sims Links.

March 18, 2004: Veronica needed the mesh that Carla used in the Skinning Tutorial, but we were pointing to the dearly departed Wage of Sim site for it. So, we added a link where you can download it to page 2 of the tutorial. The download includes Richard R. Ward's original skin for the mesh. Enjoy!

February 11, 2004:Artistic Habitats has added more goodies to their Lunar Habitats collection! And, of course, we've made lots and lots of updates to the Moon Sims Links.

January 1, 2004: Happy new year! We have updated entries on every page of the Moon Sims Links in the past few months, and have some nifty news to report -- the webmaster for Artistic Habitats is working on a special collection of Livin' Luna items to help your sims on their journey to the realm beyond the sky!

We'll let you know here as soon as the new collection is on line.

At the chapel

August 10, 2003 News: We're still here! Business, day jobs, and maintaining the SimsHost system have been demanding most of our time throughout most of this summer, but we still have high hopes for Moon Sims! We seem to be losing some mail with updates to the Moon Sims Links because they get buried in spam, but we are keeping up with it as best we can.

We'll try to resolve the spam problem with alternative methods of sending links updates to us; perhaps a web form. For the nonce, it should work to post links updates in the Moon Sims Yahoo Group.

March 7, 2003 News: We have been steadily working on the legendary Moon Sims Links for several weeks, so you will find updates and new sites on almost every page. Today we especially want to call call your attention to the opening of Portobello Road. It's liked on page 8 of the totally-out-of-control Moon Sims Links.

January 17, 2003 News: Today is the first anniversary of the Moon Sims Egroup on Yahoo! The webmaster of The Wooden Simolean made a special Livin' Luna hot tub to commemorate the occasion. You will it in the egroup's Files section.

December 20, 2002 News: We've done lots of updates in the Moon Sims links list, and still have about a dozen more sites to visit before we're caught up. Real Life permitting, we'll make it!

The SimsHost Chronicle is up to issue #10. Secret Santa is in town for you, too!

It's no longer a secret: My Funny Simentine, Similarity Sims, and Simultaneous Design are all back on line this month, free of the bandwidth blues on SimsHost!

Also this month, the webmasters and artists of the SimsHosted sites created Ye Olde Town Inn as a special gathering place for all their fans. It's a great place to meet the artists who create the things we enjoy so much in our games, and a fun place to play, too!

December 3, 2002 News: SimsHost Chronicle, Episode 5 is on line on the front page at SimsHost. Here's a little secret: currently three veteran sites that were knocked out by the bandwidth blues are a-building on SimsHost. Want another secret? The webmasters and artists of the SimsHosted web sites are working on an even bigger-and-better treasure hunt that will follow on after Secret Santa!

Our little Moon Sims Yahoo egroup has grown to 319 members, too! This is really getting to be fun!

We're still behind in updates to the Moon Sims links list but we're catching up! Our apologies and thanks to the folks who have been waiting patiently for us to get 'em all done.

November 29, 2002 News: Issue number 4 of the SimsHost Chronicle is on line on the front page at SimsHost. Don't miss all the news about the updates!

November 22, 2002 News: Don't miss the SimsHost Chronicle! Issue number 2 is already on line on the front page at SimsHost.

October 27, 2002 Update: Four days ago, Bibi closed the SimGoddesses site. To the best of our knowledge, her intent is to close the site permanently. We can say that we were honored and pleased to host the site from November 4, 2001 to October 23, 2002, and would have been happy to continue to host it in the future. We are sad to see it go, and especially sorry for the dozens of people who worked so hard on the site and the more than one million fans who enjoyed it over the past year. Please refer to our note about it for more information about this bewildering event.

If you find that you miss the wonderful people who worked on the site and the egroup, or want to stay in touch with other members of the egroup, don't despair. You will find them still enjoying life in the Sims community, especially at the egroups for Candace's Sim Bazaar (just created three days ago!), SimsHost and even our little Moon Sims group.

October 5, 2002 Update: With great respect and admiration, we bid bon voyage to Fairy Witch as she moves on to her own site, Beewitched. Ikbod is still with us here on the Moon Sims server, with a new design for her site and some major updates at Ikbod's!

Over on the other side of the house, SimsHost has grown to 43 great Sims sites for you to enjoy!

September 21, 2002 Update: What does Greg look like in the eyes of a Goddess? Now you can find out! Today we added Byline's Celebration skins to the men's skins. Bibi originally made these skins for her own amusement, and then shared them with the egroup to celebrate the group reaching 2500 members this month! She wants to share them with everybody and thought they would fit better on the Moon Sims site, so here they are!

Just in case you missed it: We also made a massive update to the SimGoddesses site last week, with dozens of other original skins by Byline, which caused us to reach a new record of 4 million hits in one day!

September 11, 2002 Update: After a year of mourning, we have changed the front page so that you will find the news here again. We are also working on a change that will allow the web pages to automatically resize themselves to fit your browswer widow. Please bear with us while we tidy up the site to reflect the changes.

August 31, 2002 Update: You'll find lots more sites and updated links in the Moon Sims links list and updated reviews and links on every page. With all the new sites to get on line, SimsHost continues to dominate our time, so we're still behind in adding sites to the list.

We added a new feature to the links this month -- as we run across them, we are adding an icon to identify sites that offer Sims shopping Ó la carte. Look for Pasiphae and Caddy with their shopping cart.

July 28, 2002 Update: We've added several dozen sites to the Moon Sims links list, but still have miles to go before we're caught up.

Several folks have inquired whether we plan to write more stories about the Moon Sims characters. Indeed we do! We like the characters and the setting, and have big plans for Moon Sims. It's just a matter of finding the time to get back to it.

July 4, 2002 Update: With the work we're doing on SimsHost, we are receiving requests for sites to be added to the Moon Sims links list faster than we can keep up with them; but don't hesitate to send us links for new sites and updates -- we will get caught up. We've added or updated about a hundred of the entries in the links since our last news note.

Answer to a frequently asked question: No, none of the webmasters for the sites hosted by Moon Sims has to pay anything for either web hosting or bandwidth. Those bills are paid by our sponsors. If you want to support the hosting costs for these sites, the best way to do it is to subscribe to SimsHost; because, frankly, the less we have to subsidize SimsHost the easier it is for us to pay the bills for Moon Sims.

Of course, if you're in a postion to have your company or organization evaluate WebSite Director Pro from CyberTeams for their server-based web management system, that would help, too! We can honestly say that we believe it is by far the best solution for managing complex web sites with multiple contributors. All of Moon Sims and SimsHost sites are managed with either WebSite Director Pro or WebSite Director Express.

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