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bods on-line

Welcome to ikbod's site for the sims :)

friday 21/1 today i have started uploading the beautiful walls by JSF Designs which used to be on Chariss's little sim page, more will be added in the coming weeks, and matching furniture can be found for many of these walls sets at
Lerilai's Place :) click HERE to see the walls!
i would also like to announce an awesome affiliate, check out the great male skins at SCUK!

one more little thing i am currently away from home and without internet access the majority of the time, so it may take me a week or two to reply to e-mails, sorry about this!

friday 6/12 ok i have added some fireplaces including the christmas fireplace, a new matching mirror, the pine dining chairs and the square living chairs, the 2 big fridges, 4 stoves, and the rest of the beech pine walls by jsf designs!

there is also a preview pic of the kitchen set i am working on, click on the update pic to the right to see :)

sunday 27/10 WOOT! a great affiliate, Manic SIMpressions visit her site for some great downloads ;)

saturday 26/10 today i have added some cool tall versions to go with the black set also 2 bands paintings click the update pic on the right to see :)

saturday 19/10 wow i actually made something, a black version of the encyclopedia simmanica for the modern sims, also uploaded the first of a gorgeous set of walls that jsf designs made to go with the pine kitchens (coming soon) click on the update pic on the right to see :)

friday 18/10 today i added all of kimee and bodyburner jr's houses that used to be on fairywitch & ikbod sim :)

thursday 10/10 just a quicky to say thanks to jsf designs for allowing me to host her walls which go with the earthtone bed click here to see!

also have uploaded the square chairs and pine kitchen chairs which used to be on fairywitch & ikbod sim to the yahoo group :)

wednesday 2/10 WOOHOO! Grand opening! almost all of my old stuff is here (some still to be added), and there is a small update too, click the pic to the right to see girl's heads, shag walls, houses and some versions of the retro chrome kitchen to work with all exp packs :)

i can also announce my first ever affiliate..... fairywitch! hehe, click the bewitched button to visit her great new site ;)

please feel free to link to me, here is a button, if you need one a different size please let me know :) thanks!


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