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Welcome to ikbod's, here i have stuff i have made for the sims game :)

Monday 6th March 06, Fixed the bulk of the objects zips, more to follow.

Friday 3rd March 06, A HUGE thanx to sonya for pointing out my zips don't work anymore!!! Sonya I have fixed the library zip for you. I shall fix all the other zips in the next few days, cheers - rach

saturday 26th july 03, another wee update, cute walls to go with light oak floor, love em :D click update pic to see :) get the floor here

thursday 17th july 03, well i have the first little update for nearly six months! 2 new girls heads, and a superstar roof pack. click on the update pic to the right to see :)

i haven't made anything for the game since february, and am not so sure i'll ever get back into it like i was but have enjoyed making these little things :)

please feel free to link to me, here is a button, if you need one a different size please let me know :) thanks!


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