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Lunar surface floor tiles
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Archive includes two sets of four tiles each; one light set, one dark set.

Pasiphae says, "Now, how are we going to convince anybody that we are really standing out on the surface of Luna without space suits?"

Caddy says, "Oh, that's obvious! We're not! We just confess that we were in a hurry to get these floor tiles on line so we didn't want to wait until we'd built the rest of the scene!"

Carla says, "Yup! That'll work! You also should tell everybody that the archive includes eight floor tiles, in two sets of four. There's a light set with lots of little craters and a dark set from the basaltic dust basins of Mare Anguis. In fact, you can tell them that right now, because they're here watching us! Look over your right shoulder, Pasiphae. It's time to start your tour guide speech!"

Pasiphae finally notices that you are listening in. She says, "Oh hi! I think you're really going to like this!

"These floor tiles, designed by James Gholston of Dimensionality are based on actual photographs of the lunar surface taken by the Apollo astronauts. Dimensionality makes textures for other video games like Doom and Quake, so we are privileged to have James here with us!

"Astronauts reported that no matter how far away you are or how close you look, the lunar surface looks the same. There are craters everywhere, and you really can't tell how far away a crater is just by looking at it. The huge impact basins look the same as the little craters you see at your feet. With that in mind, James based these textures on photographs the Apollo astronauts took from lunar orbit.

"These will look great in your game if you scatter them around, mixing the light tiles or the dark tiles with each other. If you just floor a whole room with one tile, you will see the square grid pattern emerge; but if you use the video game designer's trick of randomly scattering the tiles you will get a floor that looks just like the surface of the moon!"

Carla says, "Y'know, these dark tiles would work in a lot of places around a household on Earth, but these craters--"

Pasiphae says, "Yep! These craters are definitely Livin' Luna!"

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