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clubwall03clubwallclubwall01clubwall02clubwall05wood panelwood panelwall sidingwood sidingwood sidingwood sidingwood sidingpalacewallpalacewallkitchenwallkitchenwallkitchenwallrosetopwallrosetopwallcream stucco panelwhite panelwhite imprintcream stuccocream stuccopink stuccopink stucco panelflower printfloral print panelfloral stripefloralstripe panelfloralfloral panelfloral panelfloralfloral panelfloralpeach panelpeachstonetilestonetilestonetilestonetilestonetilewinery wallwinery wall 


clubfloor03clubfloor01clubfloor02shanghai rug 2x2sundial floor 2x2sundial background 2x2star floor 2x2morocconfloormorocconfloormorocconfloorblackmarble floorbrickfloorbrickflooropart floorstonetile floorparquet floortile floortile floortile floortile floortile floortile floortile floortile flooropart floorantique tile floorrelief floorwinery floor 

ground covers



please feel free to download and use these objects in your game. you can click on sample images to download the object package files. seating units are all a collection and downloading any item of the unit is enough. you must place the object package files in the downloads folder of your game in order to see them in buy mode.

 reminder: object retexturing is still in test phase for the Sims2 and please note that you will use these material at your own risk.

      All items offered by dh-sims-site are for personal game use only. please do not reuse, redistribute or recolor my artwork by any means. thank you for your understanding... copyright dincer hepgulerŠ  and dh-sims-siteŠ  ...

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