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here are some of the sets designed and made by myself for the game :

winery set

This is my winery set. This set actually came out as a request from some of my visitors. As a wine lover myself, i decided to make a wine themed set especially for downtown. However you can use many of the items in normal neighborhood.  winery indoor set
winery outdoor set This is basically a themed decorative set. No winery theme can be complete without wine trees. i made two wine trees for this set which i had great pleasure in creating. The leaves of these trees are actually made by scanning the real leaves of my wine trees at my terrace. You can place these 4-rotation trees in various ways so that you can create a real looking crowded wineyard.

       dhwinery wall signwine bottles and glassesbig storage barrelgrape basketwinery counter/endtablebig winery rackwine glasses shelfwine treewine treegrape barrowgrape heapwinery gatewinery signwine taste cartwine bottleswine glasseswine gallonwine bottleboxwine bottleboxabit guner painting 

 biedermeier set

 this set is dedicated to Biedermeier Style. this style of furniture has exquisite lines and it is very famous in central europe... my biedermeier set consists of some seating items as well as some surfaces... i prepared the seating units in different fabrics this time. you will be able to download red, blue and white variations of them in this set...
the bedroom part of the set consists of a bed, a nightstand, a dresser and a table lamp. as you can see, the bed has very unique lines, showing the biedermeier style properties... 

biedermeier armchairbiedermeier armchairbiedermeier chairbiedermeier sofabiedermeier deskbiedermeier tablebiedermeier armchairbiedermeier armchairbiedermeier dining chairbiedermeier sofabiedermeier deskbiedermeier endtablebiedermeier bedtable lampbiedermeier nightstandbiedermeier dresser 

moroccon set

This is my new moroccon-endulus themed set. it will be a comprehensive set, including a large number of decorative items as well as authentic furniture... north-african decoration has distinguished lines and colorful handicrafts... 

3leg tablemoroccon throne chairfloor lampmoroccon sedirmoroccon square tablemoroccon puffmoroccon fountain2x1 tablemoroccon tubmoroccon sinkmoroccon countermoroccon countermoroccon bathrestmoroccon bathrestmoroccon bathcabinetmoroccon fountainmoroccon toiletmoroccon armchairmoroccon chairmoroccon chairmoroccon plantmoroccon deskmoroccon loveseatwall platewall plateceiling lampmoroccon cabinetmoroccon startable moroccon baravanwall enclosurecupboardsanduk (chest)moroccon mirrormoroccon mirrormoroccon endtablemoroccon endtablemoroccon endtablesanduk/deskchimeneamoroccon table 2x3king chairmoroccon poolmoroccon lampmoroccon nightstandplantmoroccon diningtablemoroccon table1x1moroccon door moroccon rugmoroccon rug 

visitors of this page are free to download these objects to use in their games by clicking on sample images... if you are experiencing problems during downloading please try at less busy hours or use download managers such as gozilla or flashget. these download managers enables resumable partial downloading...  
also feel free to e-mail me about anything to borsaci06@hotmail.com


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