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here are some of the sets designed and made by myself for the game :

turkish set

This is my Turkish set. The traditional sofa is called sedir in our country. it is basicly a rectangular cabinet with a big seating cushion on it. the back part consists of three cushions mostly covered with the same fabric of the seating cushion. the sedir here is covered with handcrafted kilim, which is also used as tapestry. the kilim in front is a turkish nomad kilim of central anatolia. the fireplace is made of handcrafted traditional iznik bluchina tiles. i used a matching handcrafted iznik bluchina tiled wall at the back. you are free to choose another from my other traditional ottoman walls at my walls page. the calligraphic picture on the wall is an antique showing an ancient ship with three masts. the two antique ottoman palace style endtables also has handcrafted tiles on them. the tombak pourer is a very precious ottoman antique highly seeked by collectors....

tombak pourer calligraphic picture anatolian sedir turkish nomad kilim Anatolian tapestry bluchina tiled fireplace topkapi palace table brazier

 anatolian civilizations set

Anatolia has been home to many civilizations throughout history. The rich remains of these cultures can be found scattered all over Anatolia. We decided to bring to your sims homes this valuable historic pieces as decorative objects. Feel free to use these replicas of archeological pieces in decoration of your sims houses. All of these objects are replicas of real life archeological ruins from sites all over Anatolia. For additional information about the actual archeological pieces please e-mail me at:  borsaci06@hotmail.com

byzantine fresco Hatti relief table ionic endtable ionic broken column ionic broken column efes tomb head ionic gate remains bust at mount nemrut artemis statue   


rustic country set

this rustic country set is my latest one. made of lightwood this set will apply a warm countryside atmosphere to your sims environment. elagant but lovely, i made these objects with great pleasure. the cupboard-cabinet is in welsch country style with bluechina porcelain plates and cups. the bookcase is in the contrary more contemporary look stonemountain country style. the table and chairs are also handcrafted woodlathe legs, pretty and functional. the whole set is in perfect harmony as a countryside house should be. some more pieces of the set, such as sweet looking handwoven armchair is about to come...

this part is the living room of the rustic country set. the lovely rug with warm countryside colors and the pretty wicker armchairs made of handwowen stalks.the country look is completed with my authentic chimenea burning to heaten your sims environment. not to forget the sweet looking barrel endtable which contributes the country atmosphere. 

rustic country chair rustic country table rustic welsch cupboard sunflower barrel endtable rustic bookcase country armchair wicker table rustic rug rustic drawer counter rustic door counter rustic counter 01 rustic counter 02 cast iron chimenea wicker trashcan

darkwood set

This is my latest kitchen set which i called darkwood-set. Classy looking and elegant. There are single and double counters. Also single counters has options of single and with overheads. The double counters has two options, one with front covers and one without. The food case is actually a fridge from which your sims can get food. The set is complete with an elegant serving cart and a robust dining table...

  darkwood counter darkwood sideboard darkwood counter deluxe darkwood stove darkwoodsideboard02 darkwood ceiling lamp darkwood foodcase serving cart darkwood chair darkwood dining table sun flowers 

ultra set

This is my new ultra modern set. Base theme is ultra contemporary look, dark red and black colors with chrome accessories. Cold metal appearance softened with red velvet fabrics. Table surfaces are polished black marble which will perfectly match with chrome. The seating surfaces are a combination of velvet and bumpy leather.

black marble seperator ultra dining table ultra dining chair red and black rug ultra red loveseat ultra red armchair mondrian ultra black shower ultra black wc ultra black sink ultra floor lamp ultra table lamp ultra coffee table ultra endtable ultra buffet-sideboard ultra mirror zebra rug black china vase on stand black vase with cattails ultra bookcase ultra clock dali ultra drawerdeluxe counter ultra counter deluxe ultra drawer counter ultra counter ultra fridge ultra stove lightning poster ultra love bed ultra nightstand ultra wardrobe ultra pedestal with fern ultra pedestal with sculpture


redandblack sofa this lovely red and black sofa is my donation gift folks!!!  that is, this object will be awailable to donators only...  sorry...  


excelsior set

As you may easily understand, i love to make classical furniture more than contemporary. This new excelsior set will be every simmer's best choice. As the name implies, excelsior set consists of heavy classy furniture. I really enjoyed designing this set. Rosewood, burloak, walnut are my most favorite wood coverings. I used them widely in this creation.
I also combined the classy athmosphere of massive wooden furniture with elegant looking leather seatings and some gold accessories in this set. The most time consuming design was the leather sofa and the office chair. I am sure they will be greatly appreciated by demanding decorators.

excelsior sideboard excelsior bookcase excelsior floorlamp excelsior corner cabinet excelsior buffet excelsior mirror excelsior dining table barrel table excelsior dining chair excelsior office chair excelsior office desk excelsior office desk magnolias in pastel color magnolia painting excelsior desk excelsior rug01 excelsior rug excelsior armchair outdoor with brass lionhead walnut door with brass engravings brass door walnut door with handcrafted glass walnut door excelsior tv cabinet corner fireplace engraved painting excelsior bed excelsior nightstand excelsior table lamp excelsior armorie excelsior console ottoman  emperial shield ottoman emperial shield peacock painting parrots painting elephant painting excel vanity excel dresser 

excelsior sofa this lovely maroon sofa is my donation gift folks!!!  that is, this object will be available to donators only...  sorry...  



retro set

 in this new set i designed lovely contemporary furniture for you. i followed an art-nouveau, hippy, retro approach in designing the items of this set. i also included some famous designers' artwork in this new retro set. you will be able to use the valuable works of Luca Milano-Inci Mutlu and Ricardo Antonio in your sims houses. 
you will find some armchairs and studyroom chairs as well as dining chairs, loveseat, sofa and a dining table, desks, coffetable and end tables, lamp, bookcase, tv-dvd set and a big aquarium. all carrying dynamic lines and in vivid colors.

retro tv set retro armchair retro loveseat retro painting retro chair retro table retro aquarium retro lamp retro endtable retro sofa retro coffeetable retro desk retro studychair retro tablevase retro bookcase retro bed retro nightstand retro nightstand retro dresser 


visitors of this page are free to download these objects to use in their games by clicking on sample images... if you are experiencing problems during downloading please try at less busy hours or use download managers such as gozilla or flashget. these download managers enables resumable partial downloading...  
also feel free to e-mail me about anything to borsaci06@hotmail.com


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