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here are some of the sets designed and made by myself for the game :

rosewood set

After all those fan requests, i felt obliged to make a bedroom set with a love bed. this elegant bedroom set is a result of few months' work. made of rosewood, this classy bedroom set is a must for every demanding decorator. The set includes two dressers, one with four drawers and the other is a tall one with two drawers and three shelves with two doors. The make up desk has a stool with matching fabric with the love bed. The set is complete with side endtables and a pretty rug in matching colors... 

rosewood makeup desk makeup stool rosewood endtable anatolian rug tall dresser antique brass lamp red porcelain lamp rosewood drawer-dresser rosewood love bed white liliums sunrise roses black nude maja des nuda - goya curtains with forehead rosewood table rosewood chair chair rosewood rosewood josephine rosewood armchair rosewood desk persian rug angels painting bulky sofa bulky armchair whisky set 

lightwood country set

This is my most sophisticated and complete set. Made of lightwood and decorated with cast iron and brass accessories, this minimalist looking group of furniture is the best choice for country style decoration. The set has many pieces including two different windows, chair, loveseat and armchair as well as a large comfortable sofa. we must also count the big dining table, endtable, coffeetable and two different desks, one floor lamp and one ceiling lamp, bookcase and a kitchen counter. 

The bedroom of the set has a huge and robust looking love bed. With the lovely tartan blanket, this bed will be the ultimate choice of your sims. There is also a wardrobe and a corner shelf-desk of the set. There will be suitable rug and wall furnishings and curtains in the future... Not to mention the small accessories such as wall shelf and some potted plants... Raveena was very kind to make three magnificent doors for my lightwood set. At last Scooby of scoobysims.co.uk added two small bookcases, a stereo and a tv set. I am proud to exhibit the works of these two most talented sim artists in this section...

lightwood window with half bars lightwood window with full bars lightwood armchair lightwood loveseat lightwood loveseat for non HD gamers lightwood country endtable lightwood country coffeetable potted selloum lightwood bookcase lightwood corner cabin lightwood sofa lightwood tartan seat lightwood floor lamp lightwood ceiling lamp lightwood cupboard potted roses potted tulips potted calla lightwood table lightwood chair lightwood shelf lightwood counter lightwood bed lightwood night stand Lightwood Desk Lightwood Sideboard anatolian yahyali rug lightwood marbletop sink lightwood bathroom counter lightwood bathroom cabinet Raveena's lightwood main door raveena's lightwood doorframe raveena's lightwood interior door Scooby's small lightwood bookcase2 Scooby's lightwood stereo set Scooby's lightwood tv set Scooby's small lightwood bookcase1 lightwood stairs

 this lovely lightwood country wardrobe  is my first donation gift folks!!!  that is, this objects will be awailable to donators only...  due to the fact that lightwood country set is a big one, the non donators will not be that much dissapointed .. sorry 


  contemporary set

This set is prepared with a minimalist contemporary approach, as the name implies, suitable for the needs of contemporary working family with the fast pace of life in the city. Made of red rosewood and white birch together with chrome accessories, the general theme of the set reflects the tastes of modern techno life with simplicity. A trendy contemporary look in your modern house.
This modern set is another comprehensive one intended to furnish a whole contemporary house. The living room and the bedroom is also designed with the same minimalist contemporary approach. Techno and trendy looking furniture for the modern family...
Still continuing the same contemporary approach, the bedroom items are designed with modern lines. The dresser has stained glass sliding doors to both sides. The vanity has three mirrors and two elongated lights for easy makeup. It still has trendy modern lines with elegant curves. The bed also carries the minimalist design concept similar with the sofa at the living room. The set is completed with minimalist nightstands, globe table lamps and a bedside small desk. 

contemporary kitchen counter contemporary halogen stove contemporary kitchen shelf contemporary oven counter contemporary table 2x1 contemporary chair02 contemporary chair01 contemporary kitchen desk contemporary ceiling lamp contemporary wall shelf contemporary dining table contemporary dining chair contemporary rug contemporary rug contemporary wall light chicago poster blue hydrangea pink hydrangea contemporary poster overhead shelf contemporary buffet contemporary sofa contemporary floor lamp japanese fan wall ornament air conditioner external air conditioner internal Wyaneking's air conditioner contemporary fridge purple orchid in porcelain vase chinese art contemporary coffee table contemporary endtable traditional japanese art contemporary suede armchair contemporary suede loveseat contemporary exhibit contemporary bookcase contemporary hometheatre system japanese lamp01 contemporary garden bench japanese lamp kalanchoe in basket red roses in basket contemporary bed contemporary bedside table contemporary nightstand blue nude contemporary dresser contemporary dresser HD version contemporary vanity contemporary globelamp

this lovely contemporary counter deluxe  is my donation gift folks!!!  that is, this object will be awailable to donators only...  due to the fact that contemporary set is a big one, the non donators will not be that much dissapointed .. sorry  

kids set

This is my first kids set which will not be the last. in the left picture you see the study room items which consists of two desks, one bookcase and two wall furniture, one being a cork reminder panel and the second is a kids shelf with toys and books. all items are designed with a house theme with quality woodwork. i am sure your sim kids will find this furniture childish but classy.
The second part of the kids set is the bedroom furniture with the matching theme. the set has a lovely truck shaped bed, a dresser, a toybox and pretty chair and a fish shaped rug. the set will be a complete one with its matching walls and curtains.

kids bookcase kids desk kids shelf kids chair kids post-it kids desk01 kids drawer dresser house toybox world table lamp kids nightstand fish rug wall aquarium pic kids armchair kids curtain toy kangaroo toy ape 3d butterfly pic kids curtain kids puffy armchair 

truck shaped kids bed this lovely truck shaped bed is my donation gift folks!!!  that is, this object will be available to donators only...   sorry  

ferforged patio set

An elegant patio set for your party loving sims. Robust framework with forged iron and classy lines. Pretty seatings and desk and a matching classy looking barbeque. You can envy your visitors with this patio set in your garden....

ferforged patio chair ferforged patio table ferforged patio desk ferforged patio loveseat ferforged barbeque 

dalmatian set

 i prepared a modern dalmatian themed set for you... the common properties of the items of this set is the dalmatian cover. i used different dalmatian fabrics on each furniture...

dalmatian armchair dalmatian kids chair dalmatian chair dalmatian coffeetable dalmatian sofa dalmatian table rattan nightstand / endtable dalmatian dresser dalmatian art lamp dalmatian lovebed dalmatian rug 

visitors of this page are free to download these objects to use in their games by clicking on sample images... if you are experiencing problems during downloading please try at less busy hours or use download managers such as gozilla or flashget. these download managers enables resumable partial downloading...  
also feel free to e-mail me about anything to borsaci06@hotmail.com


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