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here are some of the sets designed and made by myself for the game :

scotch set

This was my first set. i tried to prepare a comfortable british style living room set, large and functional but at the same time elegant and nice looking in your decoration. As seen in the picture you can furnish the set with my classy mirrors and end tables. Together with this set you can use my british walls and some of the woodborder walls which will complete the decoration.

sofascotch chairscotch castlemirror tablemirror chinatable      

opart set                

This was my second set. Contrary to the first one, i choose a contemporary theme in this set. Modern looking and futuristic, i enjoyed very much creating it. i hope your sims will love to use my opart set. Due to its contemporary look, you can use some of my accessories together with this set. Transparent glasstop chrome end table perfectly suits this set. You can also use my transparent glasstop dining table in this set. 

op-art sofa op-art chair chrome table glasstop table

spaceline set

Another contemporary look, futuristic set. This one is more complete with its pretty bookcase and modern end-table. Spaceline set also comes with the space-rug which is perfectly in line with the set theme. Please feel free to add as many modern looking accessories as possible to furnish this lovely spaceline set. The floor lamp of the set is also available. Lovely objects...

space sofa space chair space endtable space bookcase space rug space-lamp 

spaceline tv - dvd set This contemporary big screen TV - DVD set is made to match our spaceline set. This object is a donation gift, that is, awailable only to donators to dh-sims-site... sorry...

country set

This pretty and warm looking country kitchen set is still incomplete and it is the part of a country theme which will be made many new additions in the future. You can use this lovely set to add a warm athmosphere to your sims kitchens and dining rooms. i put some apples and oranges and a few jars of jam ready for you on the shelf-counter. Also on the wall-shelf i added some of the grandma's goodies for exhibit. Behind this set please try my pretty fruits and leaves wallpapers which will perfectly fit the warm atmosphere. 

country counter shelf-counter wall shelf separator rosewood endtable

greenwood bathroom set

This is the bathroom part of my greenwood set. Elegant and classy, this set is my favorite. The greenwood sink and end table is covered with traverten marble which completes the classy look. The tall bathroom shelf is supplied with an inner surface which you can use to put small accessories. Try my green marble bathroom walls together with this set. 

greenwood sink greenwood shelf greenwood endtable greenwood castle tub

greenwood dining & kitchen set

This is the dining and kitchen part of my lovely greenwood set. Robust and classy looking dining table is marbletop. Pretty and comfortable chairs and the elegant greenwood buffet completes the set. The candle on the buffet is perfectly in line with general green theme.The taverten marbletop counters with handcrafted wooden covers will add a warm atmosphere to your kitchens.

greenmarble table green chair green buffet gren counter

crocodile set 

This beautiful study room set is now complete. The crocodile covered seatings are matching with similar cover desk and end tables. The classical mahagony bookcase perfectly suits the heavy atmosphere of the actual set. The rug is specially prepared in matching colors and the roman relief at the back completes the set. i thought the lovely ivy plant will add warmness to the decoration. At last i added two antique gold lamps to the set ...

  crocodile desk crocodile endtable classy bookcase classy rug crocodile chair gold floor lamp crocodile loveseat roman relief gold lamp


antique set

This is my new antique set which i designed as a classy looking heavy furniture. covered with leather in vivid colors and framed with handcrafted wooden borders, comfortable for your sims. designed for the needs of a demanding decorator, the set also contains a lovely endtable and two matching lamps one for table and one for wall mounting. the set is complete with a special rug in matching colors.

antique berger antique desk antique endtable antique josephine rag rug antique wall lamp antique table lamp

classic set

this is my new classic set. elegant lines and lovely craftsmanship. the seating pieces are made of walnut and covered with floral velvet. the surfaces are made of dark rosewood which are designed to fit the needs of the most demanding decorator. the lamp is an antique from 17th century, opal glass on golden stand and the rug is the best ladik carpet from central anatolia, wool on cotton, all natural dyes. more info on anatolian rugs can be found at http://borsaci06.com

antique tablelamp floral chair floral loveseat classic tea table classic endtable classic dining table authentic ladik rug pine bonsai still life relief - efes

victorian set

This is my most sophisticated classic set. i called this one 'the victorian set' as the name implies, heavy classic furniture with high standard craftsmanship. it will include elegant chairs, lovely desks and other peripherals. believe me, all pieces are individual works of art, and i designed them with ultimate pleasure. i hope classical furniture lovers will be fond of them...

  victorian armchair victorian loveseat victorian desk victorian 1-tile table victorian nightstand victorian sideboard victorian table victorian loveseat victorian chair victorian endtable victorian buffet victorian corner cabinet antique wall mirror golden dresser victorian lingerie dresser victorian armoire sea horse Sissi Portrait Franz Portrait stone fireplace pink tulips mixed tulips white lilium victorian bookcase victorian teatable victorian desklamp victorian ceiling lamp victorian ceiling lamp sudbury stair 

victorian single bed                                        this lovely single bed is my donation gift folks!!!  that is, this object will be available to donators only...  sorry...  




  beds are the most sought after furniture in the game and also they are the hardest items to make, especially if you are not making recolors. creating a bed from scratch may take weeks to finish up. that is why they are scarce. i decided to make some beds after receiving too many fan requests and created these lovely beds for you. all these beds are designed to fit various types of decorations...

the contour lovebed the contour nightstand contour dresser round bed round nightstand round dresser blue double bed victorian endtable classical dresser 

romantic set

my newest set which i called 'romantic' with all those elegant lines, laces, stained glass and woodcraft. the bedroom part of the set has a classy four-post love bed with a canopy and mosquito net, a classy wardrobe with stained glass doors, a pretty vanity, nightstand and a stool...

romantic love bed romantic nightstand romantic wardrobe romantic stool romantic vanity romantic window single romantic triple window romantic triple window romantic single window romantic door romantic round window romantic table romantic rug romantic chair romantic loveseat romantic bookcase romsntic fireplace romantic endtable romantic coffeetable romantic sofa romantic armchair 

neo-classic set

 i prepared a decorative set for you. i named this set as 'neo-classic set' because it contains articles both in classic style and art-nouveau. there are many seating and surfaces in this set as well as many decorative items. i am sure it will be useful in full house decoration...
i tried to design the bedroom items more in classic style. that is because i love classic bedrooms and also it looks more classy... you can download this bedroom set at SimsHost Exchange...  neo-classic bedroom
this kitchen section is the new addition to neo-classic set. it contains 3 kinds of counters, 2 top shelves, a big hooded double stove and a dishwasher...

mahagony endtable mahagony endtable mahagony berger mahagony dining table roman relief rose chair red box chair red sofa red chrome chair neo-classic rug rudbeccia mahagony desk neo-classic loveseat neo-classsic floorlamp neo-classic buffet neo-classic mirror neo-classic cabinet neo-classic wall clock Calathea plant neo-classic rughammożckharem paintingneo-classic bookcasebranches wall lampneo-classsic floor lampcactusdouble hooded-stovedishwashershelfcounter-topcounter-cabinetcountercounter 



visitors of this page are free to download these objects to use in their games by clicking on sample images... if you are experiencing problems during downloading please try at less busy hours or use download managers such as gozilla or flashget. these download managers enables resumable partial downloading...  
also feel free to e-mail me about anything to borsaci06@hotmail.com


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